Discover Amazing Koh Samui Thailand Holidays

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Amazing Koh Samui Thailand Holidays

Enjoy a Holiday On The Island of Koh Samui

As we continue our wonderful family holiday in Thailand, we leave the bustling City of Bangkok and make our way to the beautiful tropical Island known as Koh Samui.  Situated in the Gulf of Thailand, this Island is quickly becoming a favorite among tourists traveling to Thailand from all parts of the world and for very good reason!

This lovely tropical get a way is not too big and not too small, making for that perfect relaxing holiday, but offering everything one would expect at a resort location.

Here is a short video offering a glimpse of this beautiful Island.

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A Brief Look at Koh Samui

Situated just 35 kilometers from Thailand’s mainland, Samui is the second largest island in the country, but still small enough to enjoy that feeling of escaping to a tropical vacation paradise.  It has an area of under 230 square kilometers and a local population of well under 75,000 people.

Tourism and Coconut export are the Island’s main source of income.

The Island has experienced tremendous growth over the last few years, with beautiful resorts, restaurants and other tourist attractions being added continually to keep up with demand.  As well, what makes Koh Samui so special is that it is surrounded by approximately sixty other Islands along with the magnificent Angthong Marine National Park.

Beautiful Koh Samui Airport


Koh Samui Thailand Airport

The Island has the most beautiful private airport that I have ever seen making access by air easy.  You can fly to and from;



Hong Kong


and many other destinations quickly and easily. Regular ferry service is also available for more budget minded passengers to and from the mainland.

Today, the choice for accommodations is yours.  Choose from 5 star luxury resorts to small hostels for adventuresome back packers.  Select your meals from the countries popular inexpensive food carts or enjoy gourmet cuisine prepared by world class chefs.  The choice is enormous and sure to fit most anyone’s budget.

Koh Samui now hosts over 1.5 million tourists year round, making this a very popular vacation destination next to Phuket.

One of Many Magnificent Resorts in Koh Samui


Koh Samui Thailand Resort

The Weather in Samui

Koh Samui is a tropical island. Inland parts of the island have dense tropical forest.  Do expect some rain at anytime in any month of the year. The rainy season is typically October through to mid December, where rain can be very heavy at times and continuing for days on end.

The dry season runs from December to March, making January and February ideal months to visit Thailand. We visited Thailand in the end of January to mid February and the weather was outstanding!  We experienced a couple of heavy but very brief rain showers during our 3 week stay.

Average daily temperatures during our stay ranged from 28 to 30 degrees with high humidity at all times. The dry hot season usually runs from April to September or early October where one can expect very warm temperatures and high humidity.

Tour Boat in Koh Samui


Koh Samui Tour Boat

The Choice Is Yours For Koh Samui Thailand Holidays

You have many options of getting to and from Bangkok to Koh Samui from bus and ferry, train and ferry to flying to the island which we chose to do.  Depending on your time, schedule and budget, the choice is yours.  Be sure to check out my previous post about our flight from Bangkok to Koh Samui and other options for getting to and from the Island.

 Lovely Choengmon Beach 


Choengmon Beach Koh Samui Thailand

Beautiful Beaches Surround the Island

From small pristine coves to large stretches of sandy beaches lined with resorts, bars and restaurants, you will be sure to find your perfect holiday hide a way on this wonderful Island.  If you prefer a quiet setting to relax and get away from it all, or you want to be where the action is, it is all here for you to enjoy.

We tried to visit as many of the more popular beaches on the island. Be sure to take a look at my other posts and pictures on the various beaches on this beautiful island. Check out amazing Lamai Beach to get started. It was definitely one of my favorites!

Here is a great website to help you get started on your Koh Samui vacation.


Travel to Thailand Banner

A Few Helpful Tips and Suggestions for Your Thailand Vacation

During our holiday stay, I did make note of a few helpful tips that I would like to share with you, that may assist in making your family vacation more enjoyable in Thailand. These tips are especially for those traveling with children.

  • Sunscreen … be sure to pack enough for your journey, as surprisingly, it is very expensive on the Island.  Local businesses do raise prices for necessity items.
  • Bug Spray … this is a tropical destination and mosquitoes do appear in many places when the sun goes down.  Be sure to spray before going out for dinner as mosquitoes do hide under restaurant tables and many other hidden damp places.
  • Strollers … do not take large baby strollers with you!  We watched many people struggle with large strollers on the streets and sidewalks of Koh Samui.  Sidewalks are very narrow, with broken and uneven pavement, drains and so forth.

Dogs Galore


Dogs in Thailand

  • Dogs … they are free to roam everywhere!  You will find them under your dining tables to just lying in the lobby of 5 star hotels.  We did not encounter any dogs that were unfriendly towards people, but be aware that they are free to roam and considered to be good luck for Thai people.
  • Laundry Service … there are laundry outlets everywhere and service is very inexpensive.  On our vacation we could have laundry done for 30 THB for 1 kg.  Very cheap!  So no need to pack huge amounts of clothing for everyone.
  • Wi-fi internet … service is available everywhere and free in most bars, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Modern Convenience Stores Everywhere


Thailand Convenience Store

  • 7-11 Convenience Stores … there are convenience stores scattered all over. Great for grabbing snacks, ice cream, pop and more.  As well for adults, beer and coolers are can be purchased at very reasonable prices.
  • Peanut Butter … if you like your peanut butter in the morning with your toast, be sure to pack some in your suitcase.  One of our family members did and we were all glad for it!
  • Surge Protector … be sure to carry a Universal Travel Surge Protector for your electronic devices.

Popular Truck Taxi or Songtaew


Songtaew Taxi Thailand

  • Taxis & Songtaews (taxi trucks) … do negotiate your fare with taxi drivers and taxi trucks before riding.  Drivers are friendly and after a short while, you will learn what to pay for the type of ride and distance you are taking.  We found drivers to be very reliable and will return to pick you up at a time requested.  We were always pleasantly surprised to find our driver waiting for us to take us home!
  • Sea Lice … our first experience ever with Sea Lice.  We found them in the waters on a few excursions and shallow beaches.  They are annoying as mosquitoes!  They feel like a pin prick in the water, are invisible and for some will cause a rash.  So if you have small children, be aware!
  • Excursions … there are many different tour excursions to choose from.  From snorkel and scuba dive trips to scenic tours on and around the Island, there are many to select from.  Tour offices and kiosks are situated all over and it is best to wait until you are on the Island to book your excursions.  You can wheel and deal for great prices, especially if you have a number of people in your party, as well, weather can be a factor, so it’s best to wait and keep up with the daily weather forecast.

Typical Thailand Beach Vendor


Beach Vendor Koh Samui Thailand

  • Beach Vendors … do spend time and barter with vendors selling clothing, trinkets and such. They are very friendly and are most happy to negotiate with you.  Food vendor’s prices are set on the various beaches.

Enjoy …

  • fresh cut fruit
  • barbeque corn on the cob
  • spring rolls
  • barbeque chicken,
  • fish
  • fresh doughnuts
  • ice cream

and much more!

There is a great Koh Samui Blog that is run by a local Dive Instructor, who gives the weather each morning, as well as other tips and suggestions for visitors.  His blog can be found at …

There you have it, just a few tips and suggestions to assist in your holiday to Koh Samui. Be sure to check out more readers tips and reviews on Koh Samui attractions and more at one of my favorite travel review websites located at …

I am sure you will enjoy a family holiday to Thailand as much as we did!

Safe travels!

Have you traveled to Thailand?  Do you have any special tips or favorite destinations in the country to share with our readers?

Your comments are always Gr8tly Appreciated! 🙂
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Did You Know …

” Tin is the most important mineral found in Thailand.”


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