JooJoobs Handmade Leather Wallets

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JooJoobs Handmade Leather Wallets

Hand Crafted Quality Leather Travel Wallets

If you’re like me and love supporting family run businesses around the world, then you simply must check out JooJoobs for their Quality Handcrafted Leather Products. My wife and I recently received 2 Beautifully Crafted Leather Travel Wallets shipped quickly to us here in Canada in just a few days!

“JooJoobs is the love and passion from a family of leather craftsmen.”

JooJoobs History

jooJoobs Craftsman

JooJoobs is a family run small business located in Thailand. Noi is the master leathersmith, with over 30 years of experience in the art of leather crafting. His daughter Bibi, handles the online side of the family business with her husband Kelly. Together, they run a very successful online small business shipping their amazing products world-wide via Fedex.

JooJoobs Family Business

The reason for their continued success is they offer unique, one of kind, quality hand made leather products using only the best full-grain cowhide leather.

“The main material we use in all of our handcrafted products is a full-grain cowhide, distressed leather. To put it simply, this is the really good stuff. It only gets better with age as the leather can literally heal itself, turning each scuff and bend into smooth and beautiful characteristics.”

JooJoobs in Thai means “kisses,” meaning each and every hand crafted leather product they sell is sent with love from their family!

JooJoobs Handmade Leather Wallets and Much More

JooJoobs Handmade Leather Wallet

There are a variety of excellent leather products to choose from including;

Traditional Men’s & Women’s Wallets;

Travel Wallets;

iPhone Wallets;

Leather Belts;

Key Chains and more.


Purchase JooJoobs Handmade Leather Wallets 

You can purchase Handmade Leather Wallets and more, easily and confidently online. I have listed a link to their official website below for your convenience, where you can access much more detailed information including direct ordering.  Joojoobs is also on Etsy as well, making ordering their products simple, safe and safe.

joobjoobs wallets

My wife and I received our JooJoobs Handmade Leather Wallets in just a few days, arriving via Fedex right to our front door! Our passports fit perfectly in the wallet, with room for credit cards, business cards and currency. Excellent for the pleasure or business traveler!

JooJoobs Leather Travel Wallets

I do highly recommend checking out JooJoobs for their fine leather products. Their products are very affordable for the time intensive labor involved in preparing these handcrafted leather products. I love supporting small family run businesses that offer one of kind quality products, to that of traditional machine made products mass produced and sold in big box stores!

Safe travels!

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Did You Know …

“Thailand receives over 12 million visitors annually!”

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