An Outstanding Jaisalmer Camel Safari

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Jaisalmer Camel Safari

Experience An Authentic Jaisalmer Camel Safari

On our recent travels throughout India, one of the main highlights and most memorable of all was taking an overnight Camel Safari in Jaisalmer.  We opted for a real Thar Desert Overnight Camel Trek Experience with Ba’s Camel Safari.

A unique and special family run camel safari in the Thar Desert.

The Hotel Mirage Jaisalmer Overnight Camel Trek

Hotel Mirage Host Mr. Ba

Hotel Mirage Host

During our stay in Jaisalmer, we booked a room right inside the Old Jaisalmer Fort at the Hotel Mirage.  Our owner and host Mr. Ba also runs a unique and special Camel Safari Adventure with his Uncle Abai.  This camel safari departs from the desert village where Ba is from and where Abai still lives with his family.

After reading the positive TripAdvisor Reviews and other bloggers recommendations, staying at the Hotel Mirage and taking an overnight camel safari with his uncle was an easy choice for us, and what a good choice it turned out to be!

Jaisalmer Camel Safari Package

Jaisalmer Camel Safari Package

A Look at Our Jaisalmer Camel Safari Adventure

Ba organizes a variety of camel safari adventures from a pleasant sunset evening safari to ones that last several days depending on what you would like.  We definitely wanted to spend the evening out in the desert camping overnight under the stars.  After touring many of the major cities in Rajasthan, we were ready for some peace and quiet out in the desert!

Jaisalmer Camel Safari Tour

Ba has everything organized for your journey, departing by Jeep from the Old Fort, taking about an hour to get to his village in the desert.

Thar Desert Village

An Amazing Experience on Your Overnight Jaisalmer Camel Safari

After arriving at Mr. Ba’s village, you are greeted by his Uncle Abai, where we enjoyed a nice cup of hot chai tea and got to mingle with the kids in their village before departing on our camels into the desert.

Thar Desert Children

After a nice ride on your own camel, just long enough where you’re ready for a stretch, you reach Abai’s overnight camping spot on the sand dunes.

Camel Safari in Jaisalmer India

As Abai and his young nephew prepared camp and dealt with the camels for overnight, my son and I enjoyed walking on the soft sand dunes watching the sun begin to set on the desert!

Jaisalmer Camel Safari in the True Desert of India

Thar Desert India Sunset

After experiencing the hectic sights and sounds of Delhi and other large cities throughout Rajasthan, it was almost surreal to be out in the desert without hearing the daily city life of honking horns, cars and other loud noises we had experienced during our first weeks in India.

To sit on the dunes and watch the sun setting over the horizon in absolute peace and quiet was simply amazing!

Hotel Mirage Jaisalmer Camel Safari Camping

Dinner is prepared over a simple campfire as you enjoy conversation with your host Abai and watch how he easily prepares and cooks your veg dinner over the open fire.

Jaisalmer Camel Safari Campout


If you enjoy any alcoholic beverages (beer, wine) then be sure to pack them along with you or get your jeep driver to stop along the way to the desert.  We stopped on route at a roadside village for a couple of large bottles of beer that went quite nicely with our meal!

Jaisalmer Camel Safari Campfire

Cook Out and Camping in the Open Desert on this Jaisalmer Camel Safari

After dinner and chatting with Ba about desert life, your comfortable bed in the sand dunes is prepared for you.  Abai prepares the sand in a way that keeps your body heat in and with a very heavy blanket to put on top to keep you cozy and warm throughout the cool desert evening.

Jaisalmer Camel Safari Camping

As luck had it for us, this was the night of the Super Moon, making it very bright out for the entire evening.  How great to spend a wonderful quiet evening under the stars in the desert in India!

Thar Desert Camping

After sunrise in the morning, you awake to see Abai already at the campfire with hot chai tea to start your morning.  A nice breakfast of eggs, toast and fruit is served by the fire to start your day.  The camels are then packed and readied for your journey back to the village.  Upon your return, your jeep and driver are waiting to take you back to the Jaisalmer.

A great unforgettable experience in the desert!


This is real camping in the desert!

If you have to have a sit down restaurant style table meal and comfortable glamping tents, then this is not for you.  But if you’re like us and truly want to experience a real overnight desert camping experience that’s truly something unique and special, then I definitely recommend booking with Ba and his Hotel Mirage Camel Safaris. This really was one of the best and unforgettable adventures of our entire 7 week travels throughout India!

The Hotel Mirage & The Jaisalmer Camel Safari Experience

Hotel Mirage Jaisalmer

As mentioned above, Mr. Ba runs The Hotel Mirage located right inside the Old Fort.  It is ideally located beside the Maharaja Palace and Jain Temple.  How special and convenient it was to stay directly inside the Fort during our time in Jaisalmer!

About Your Host

Ba is a true desert man like his uncle, coming from their desert village named Barna where your camel adventure will depart from.  For many years he worked as a camel safari guide for others and in 2012, he ventured on his own to run his hotel and safari adventures.  His wonderful personality and generosity has certainly contributed to his success with his business.  During our time with him, he did everything he could to help make our stay as enjoyable as possible.

He has a lovely restaurant at the hotel serving a variety of home cooked meals.  His mixed fruit porridge in the morning was excellent!

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Hotel Mirage and were thrilled to take his overnight camel safari that I highly recommend to all.  For more detailed information on the hotel and safari, I have listed a link to his official website for your convenience.

Hotel Mirage Logo

Safe travels!

A Big Thanks to Mr. Ba and The Hotel Mirage Camel Safaris for hosting our overnight Camel Safari on our recent visit to Jaisalmer, India. All content and opinions are that of the author and reflect my personal experience only.

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