Discover Some Amazing Jaipur Elephant Parks

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Jaipur Elephant Parks

Spend an Eleday in Jaipur India

One of more unique adventures we enjoyed during our recent travels to India was visiting one of the Jaipur Elephant Parks in the countryside just outside of the city. We had a lovely afternoon at the Eleday Elephant Park, getting up close and personal with these amazing creatures.

A unique and special experience spent with the Eleday elephants.

Eleday is One of the Finest Jaipur Elephant Parks

Beautiful Elephant Grounds at Eleday

Eleday Elephant Park

After reviewing our options and visiting Eleday’s website and learning more about their overall business focus and treatment of their elephants, this was an easy choice for us.  We did not want to see an elephant show or exhibition, but just to spend time, get up close and personal and enjoy these magnificent creatures naturally.

Eleday did not disappoint!

“Eleday is devoted to creating a safe and natural environment for elephants. Eleday is the only park of elephants in Jaipur that puts the well-being of elephants first. There are no performances by elephants — just elephants being elephants.”

Eleday Elephants Jaipur India

Jaipur Elephant Parks and Eleday

Eleday does not support any action that may be cruel or harmful to their family of elephants.  They own over 30 elephants and all are female, which make them loving and gentle, showing no aggression towards visitors who feed them, play with them or bathe them.

Friendly Eleday Elephants

Choose an elephant adventure package that suits you best. Depending on the time of year, Eleday offers;

Up Close and Personal

Elephant and Village

Royal Day with Elephant

Up Close and Personal with Eleday Elephants

Eleday Bathing Pool

Eleday Bathing Pool

Our visit was in early November and because of the time of year, the bathing pool was closed.  However, we still enjoyed a lovely time getting up close and personal with these huge gentle creatures.  It really is amazing to stand next to these animals and experience their size and gentleness as you get to pet them and feed them bananas.

A truly memorable experience the whole family would enjoy!

Safe Organic Washable Elephant Paint

Eleday Elephant Painting

As well, you can put your creative talents to work and paint your favorite design on the elephants as well.  The company uses only organic paint that is no way harmful to the elephants and washes off easily.  As luck had,  the Founder of the company Pushpendra, who we had the pleasure of spending time with, put his creative skills to work and painted my Gr8 Travel Tips logo on the side of one of his elephants.

How Gr8 is that!

Eleday Village Ride

Eleday Elephant Ride

Part of our elephant experience included a short ride down the village street.  It gives you a completely different feeling of just how big these animals are riding on top of them as you slowly make your way down the side street.

All and all, this was a very enjoyable experience spending a short time with these elephants, something that just cannot be done most anywhere in the world.  If your travels are taking you to the city of Jaipur in India, then I highly recommend you make time in your schedule to spend some time with the elephants with Eleday.

Gr8 Travel Tips Logo on Elephant

For your convenience, I have included a link below to their official website where you can access much more detailed information on their tours offered and about the company and its focus for the protection and proper treatment of these fine creatures as well, making Eleday one of the finest Jaipur Elephant Parks to be found in this part of India!

Eleday Logo

Safe travels!

A Big Thanks to Eleday for hosting our Up Close and Personal Elephant Experience on our recent visit to Jaipur, India. All content and opinions are that of the author and reflect my personal experience only.

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