Enjoy A Fabulous Honeymoon In Moscow

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Honeymoon in Moscow

Experience A Memorable Honeymoon in Moscow

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Moscow – Love is in the air!

Couples hunting for the most romantic and unconventional honeymoon destination in Europe should have a closer look at Moscow. The Russian capital has a bit of something for everyone, so getting bored here is out of the question. Regardless of the season, Moscow is breathtaking. The architecture of the city, the places of interest, and ultimately the dining & accommodation facilities will exceed all your expectations.

Have a closer look at some of the best destinations and enjoy a surreal honeymoon in one of the most luxurious, elegant, and architecturally-diverse metropolis in the world.

Moscow Honeymoon Guide

Tsum & Gum


Begin your honeymoon with a shopping spree, and head over to Moscow’s stunning shopping malls – TSUM and GUM. These two go beyond the mere meaning of a shopping center. GUM is located right next to the famous Red Square, across the Karl Mars Place. Travelers who want to see this mall don’t necessarily do it for the stores but for the experience. The interior architecture, vintage-like cafés and overall Russian vibe will leave you and your spouse speechless.

TSUM is just as spectacular. It prides with a unique splendor and elegance that you can only find in Moscow.



Located near Garden Ring and not very far from the city’s main drag, TverskayaUlitsa, and the Mayakovsky Square, PatriarshyPrudiyis a must see. Onsite, travelers will notice that the Stalinist vibe dominate the place. The beautiful square-shaped pond is surrounded by apartments from the Stalin era. The restaurants are traditional but elegant; make sure to stop by the Pavilion for a fancy dinner as it is known as one of the city’s finest.

Explore PatriarshyPrudiy in the morning, in spring or fall and prepare yourself to fall in love with the surrounding garden. This area is Moscow’s go-to travel place for couples seeking for sheer relaxation and romance.

The Bulvar

The Bulvar

Begin your journey with ChistiyePrudiy (The Clean Pond), located in the neighborhood with the same name and admire the tranquility of the place; then you’ll stumble upon Bulvar, a 4-lane road with a breathtaking park in the middle. The vibe and allure of this recreational area are outstanding. Keep walking until you reach Pushkin Square, and you’ll be in the heart of the city. Onsite, you’ll see people feeding pigeons, admiring the imposing Alexander Pushkin statue (known by Russians as the father of Russian literature) and reading papers.

Make sure to visit on a weekend, and relish in the tranquility and Russian-like natural décor. Walk a bit farther down the park and you’ll reach an exquisite Fresh-Russian bistro called Jean-Jacques. It is considered Moscow’s most beautiful place to dine, especially by couples and honeymooners.

Gorky Park

Gorky Park

Opened in 1982, the beautiful Gorky Park is one of Moscow’s top 5 recreational places to explore with a loved one. It packs lots of exhibition halls, attractions for kids, playground and activities. Once a travel spot aimed at commercial activities – shops, rides, and cafes – todayGorky Park is fresher, brighter and a lot more tasteful. Couples will surely enjoy walking down the boulevard, attending the weekly exhibitions, and watching an outdoor movie at the nearby open theatre.

Locals and travelers alike visit this place to read, ride bikes and walk. The atmosphere is pleasant and rejuvenating, especially on a warm summer Sunday.

Bolshoi Theatre

Bolshoi Theatre

No visit to Moscow is complete without a visit to the Bolshoi Theatre. It is a symbol of Russian culture, a milestone of Moscow and a must-see attraction you cannot ignore. Since it was built, back in the 18th century, the theatre has managed to draw in international tourists and artists fond of its unique architectural beauty. Famous for its opera and ballet shows and live concerts, Bolshoi Theatre has brought performers from all over the world.

Make time to attend an event; put on a fancy dress and get your spouse to wear a tux, and attend one of their weekly galas.

Moscow Skyline

Moscow is a stunning travel destination for honeymooners worldwide. It is grandiose, elegant and luxurious. At the same time, it is unconventional and ideal for those searching for a completely different type of city to enjoy sheer romance. Give it a try and it won’t disappoint you!

Author Bio: Klaus is a travelling freak who has travelled many destinations around the world. He also loves writing about his traveling experiences and the places he has explored. He writes for  baltictravelcompany.com which is Specialists in Baltic holidays, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and the Nordics.

Safe travels!

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Did You Know …

“Gorky Park is a Central Park of Moscow, with an attendance of more 100, 000 a day on the weekend.”

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