Enjoy Some Amazing Holidays In USA

Holidays In USA

Discover Some Outstanding Holidays in USA this Season

Where in the United States would you like to visit most?  As Canadians, our family has traveled extensively to many parts of the States over the years and we always enjoy returning as often as we can. 🙂

From traveling in our motor home enjoying camping holidays to U.S. destinations reached by air, we have covered a great many of the States.  Along the way, I am going to share with you some travel tips and recommendations helping to make your travel to destinations in the United States as enjoyable and safe as possible.

Have a look at this short video clip showing five worthy places to discover in the good ole U.S. of A! 🙂

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From the east coast to the west coast, there are some truly amazing places to visit in the United States. Most definitely there is a State just calling for you and your family to explore at any time of the year.

From the tropical Islands of Hawaii to the great north wilderness of Alaska, whatever you wish, you will find it in this great Country!

Beautifully scenic San Francisco, California to New York, New York, you are sure to find something in between that will suit you and your family, making for that perfect vacation get a way. If you love history, enjoy outdoor adventure vacations, visiting big cities, the United States has it all covered.

Experience the Spectacular Grand Canyon!

Grand Canyon Arizona

Living in Canada, it is quite easy for us to travel to the United States. We are fortunate enough to live just a few miles from the border crossing, which makes it simple for quick weekend get a ways or taking longer extended holidays to such great destinations as …

  • California and Disneyland
  • Scenic Oregon Coast
  • Arizona’s Grand Canyon
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Hawaii

Just to name a few of the thousands of places to visit in this great land! 🙂

Hit the Open Road & Enjoy Holidays to the United States

United States Vacations

So Much to See and Do – Making Holidays In USA a Perfect Choice

If you are planning to visit from overseas or whether you live in the U.S., I am going to share with you some of our family adventures and photographs taken during our many visits to the United States.  I hope by sharing some of our experiences, it will give you some ideas and tips along the way for your future travel plans to The States.

How about a vacation to Hawaii?

Maui Hawaii

Enjoy Major League Sports

Have you ever taken a vacation specifically to see a major sporting event?  Our family have done this for many years and we always try to take in a Major League sports event when visiting this Nation.

Our favorite is setting off in our Recreational Vehicle to one of the many destinations that hold NASCAR Race events. We enjoy Camping along the way, taking in the various sites and attractions as we make our way to the race weekend event.

There’s nothing like watching a live NASCAR stock car race!

The thrill and excitement of 43 high powered stock cars traveling at speeds of over 200 mph is simply … breathtaking!

Some of my family members travel annually to different cities across the Nation, specifically to attend major league football, baseball and hockey games.

 NASCAR Races in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Television simply cannot come anywhere close to that of actually attending a live event in person!  I actually attended my first NFL (National Football League) game with these family members for the first time a few years back in Kansas City.  Even as a non – football fan, I thoroughly enjoyed the game and the weekend holiday as well.

Holidays in the States Are Perfect for Everyone

Over the years, our family have enjoyed seeing …

The beautiful scenery in Bryce Canyon National Park in the State of Utah to exciting rodeo events in Cody, Wyoming.  We have taken the kids to Disneyland in California and traveled down the ever so beautiful Oregon and California Coastline.

We have been fortunate enough to spend a wonderful vacation in Hawaii and taken a cruise vacation leaving from the State of Florida.

Bryce Canyon River Raft Tour – Unforgettable Beauty

Bryce Canyon River Rafting

Over time, I will share some of these wonderful experiences and personal photos with you for you to enjoy and share with your family and friends.  So be sure to stop by often and catch up on our latest adventures!  So what are you waiting for?  Stop thinking about going and start planning your next vacation in the United States today!

Safe Travels!

Where have you traveled to in the United States?  How was your experience?

Your comments are always Gr8tly Appreciated! 🙂
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