A Helpful Visitors Travel Guide To India

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Robert Tellier's Gr8 Travel Tips CommentIndia, a place I have been fascinated for years about and will be visiting in the Fall of 2016. Living on the west coast of Canada, we have a huge population of people from India. I have worked with many and hear their stories and adventures of living in this vast country.

Because of the extreme size of India, it is difficult to decide just where to visit and when as well, much like our recent trip to Australia.Below, is an excellent introduction to India written by Tom Blackburn that offers some insight and a few travel tips to help you on your way!

Camel Ricer in India

A First-Time Visitor’s Guide to India

Home to more than 1.2 billion people and covering an area of over 1.2 million square miles, India is the world’s second most-populous country and seventh largest by area. Its remarkable culture, fascinating and turbulent history, spectacular scenery and spiritual heritage make India a truly unique tourist destination.

Indeed, many millions of people take trips to India each year – and, if anything, its popularity is only continuing to grow. However, India is such a huge and diverse country that it can be difficult to work out just where to begin. If you are tempted by the prospect of a trip to India, then here are just a few suggestions you might wish to consider.

A Few Helpful Tips and Guide to India

Why Visit India?

You could visit India scores of times and still discover something entirely new each time. There really is that much to see and do in this and beautiful Country. India is littered with cultural treasures, from its spectacular temples to its charming ashrams. It should go without saying, of course, that the Indian film industry, usually referred to as Bollywood, also has a long and fascinating heritage. It certainly has built up something of a cult following in the Western world over recent decades.

There are few destinations more exotic than India and although there has been rapid economic change in the country over the last couple of decades, it still retains much of its traditional and unique character.


India Travel Tips

The Best Time to Visit India

Obviously, it’s important to time your trip correctly, as the Indian climate can certainly be intense, and some people may struggle to cope with it at certain times of the year.  The best time to visit India is between late October, when the monsoon season draws to a close, and the middle of March. It’s worth remembering that conditions are likely to be particularly hot and humid in April and May, so if you are used to more temperate conditions this is something you should definitely bear in mind.

The rainy monsoon season starts towards the end of May.

In addition, Diwali takes place on October 23rd, but the festival tends to last for about ten days around that time. If you want to experience India at its most festive, then that’s the time to go, but be aware, tourist destinations will be very busy and accommodation may be particularly expensive. It’s certainly not the time to go if you are looking for a relatively quiet trip.

How to Make the Most of Your Trip to India

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If you are visiting India for the first time, then you might be tempted to try and squeeze as many different destinations into your trip as possible. However, given the sheer size of the country, this will not be possible. It is better, therefore, to concentrate your trip around one particular area and explore that corner of India first.  If and/or when you decide to visit again, you can explore somewhere else.

You just won’t be able to see absolutely everything you want to on just one trip, so it’s pointless to even try. By sticking to one part of the country, you will cover less ground but you will be able to get better acquainted with the attractions in that particular region.

About Author:
This article was written by Tom Blackburn on behalf of Journeys of Distinction. For more from JOD, be sure to visit his website at; http://www.jod.uk.com/

Below, I have included a popular Tourism India website where you can access much more detailed information when planning a trip.

Safe travels!

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