Travel Photo Den – The Grand Canyon

Gr8 Travel Tips Photo Den – The Grand Canyon

travel photographyA presentation of our personal photographs taken during our family travel adventures around the world!

Below is a photo of one of the most picturesque places on the planet … The Mighty Grand Canyon!

The Grand Canyon is located in the Northern Section in the State of Arizona and extends for 277 miles or 446 km and is approximately 18 miles or 29 km wide. It is designated as a National Park in the United States and about 5 million visitors from around the world make their way to this stunning natural wonder.

The Mighty Canyon as the Sun is Setting

Gr8 Travel Tips Photo Den – The Grand Canyon

It is truly a Natural Wonder of the World with the Colorado River running along the Canyon floor.  The Grand Canyon must be seen in person to appreciate the overall size, beauty and ever changing colors of the Canyon throughout the day!

Safe travels!

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