An Excellent Global Tip Chart For Travel

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Travel Tips

A Few Simple Tipping Guidelines to Follow

Are you heading away on vacation to a unfamiliar Country and not quite sure on what the Rules for Tipping are for your chosen destination? Well, I generally do not concern myself too much with this, but if you are traveling to Asia for example, you may want to have a closer look.  I recently came across this handy Global Tipping Guide and a few places surprised me! : 😕

Before we have a closer look, check out this short video on tipping from one of my favorite Travel Experts.

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Tips For Satisfactory Service Rendered

When I travel, I do like to leave a Tip (Gratuity) when I am satisfied that I have received service worthy of one in the first place. After years of travel and working in the service industry, I know how important Tips are to most service oriented workers out there, but I do expect to receive Service With a Smile before I even think of leaving a tip! 🙂

World English Dictionary
  • A gift or reward, usually of money, for services rendered; tip
  • Something given without claim or obligation

A gift or reward for services received. If I do not receive a service with satisfactory results, should you still have to pay a reward for poor service?

In my opinion, absolutely not!

If you do receive that service favorably, then yes, if customary, you should tip what is appropriate for that country.  I always suggest for people to include gratuities in their travel budget, especially those taking those wonderful all inclusive cruise deals! 🙂


A Global Tip Chart For Travel

A Global Tip Chart and Gratuity Guidelines

Have a quick look at the chart below that offers a simple guide to tipping for a number of Countries around the world. It focuses generally on the three most common services one would normally use when traveling.

Restaurants … Accommodations … Taxis

Global Tip Chart

As you can see from the next chart below, the country to pay particular attention to is Asia. It appears that Japan and China are the two nations to watch for, as their local customs may consider this to be rude in some parts.

If in doubt, always ask a local at your hotel, a shop or business you may visit.

Gratuity Guidelines

When we recently embarked on our Family Holiday to Thailand, we found that tipping was common throughout the country and greatly appreciated as well!  A very small tip even in their local currency, goes a long way in Thailand and especially if you are returning to that favorite restaurant or bar over and over! 🙂

Global Tip Chart for Travel


Tip Etiquette for Other Services Rendered

Along with the services mentioned in the chart above, there a few other very common services provided when traveling that do and should be worthy of tipping.

For example …

Bellhops and / or Porters

Chambermaids and / or Cabin Attendants

Tour Guides

Tour Bus Drivers

These are just a few of the more common services that you are likely to encounter on your holiday or business travel that should be considered in your tipping budget.  Again, if you are satisfied with the level of service received, a small gratuity helps these individuals greatly!

I always try to deliver my gratuity to these types of individuals directly or in person.

This, so I am absolutely sure this person is receiving my gratitude and not someone else by mistake or otherwise.  As well, I always try to carry a few small bills in my pocket at all times, so that I am prepared to leave a tip and not caught empty handed, which can be embarrassing at times. 😕

One last note on tipping and also listed in the charts above. Be sure to  look at your service bills carefully!  Many times, service charges are already added to your bill.  Something I have run across many times, for many different types of services, during my years of travels abroad.


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Did You Know …

“Historical records from 1772 show that both Thomas Jefferson and George Washington liked to tip for services received. “

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