Enjoy Family Camping Holidays This Season

Family Camping Trips

Ever Considered Taking Family Camping Holidays?

Have you and your family thought of a family camping holiday, but seem a little apprehensive about getting started?  Camping is a wonderful way to spend time with your family and it’s also a very affordable vacation option as well!

Our family have been camping in North America for years, seeing and enjoying some remarkable places along the way.  With some careful planning camping can be done on a very limited budget, making it suitable for most anyone.

Great Family Weekend Breaks

What I find so great about camping is that you can get started with a simple tent or even less, making camping one of the most inexpensive ways to just … get a way!

For example, our family of four started camping in a simple inexpensive tent. After a few years of tenting, we then purchased a small camperette for our pickup truck.  Over the years, we slowly up scaled to a comfortable tent trailer, a 5th Wheel trailer and now enjoying our outings in a completely self – contained Class C motor home with all the bells and whistles! 😀

Our family have camped out in pretty much everything!

My family enjoying the Outdoors Years Ago

Enjoy Family Camping Holidays This Year

Consider a Camping Holiday this Season and Save Money

Even with today’s unsettled economy, believe it or not, and shortly after the recession, Recreational Vehicle sales are still continuing to grow.

“Perhaps the best news for the RV industry is that researchers forecast sales of RV’s to continue their upward trend over the next five years.”   Travel Quest

This most certainly because of the rising number of BabyBoomers that are retiring and who are making a significant number of the Recreational Vehicle purchases.  As well, camping offers an affordable means of travel and a tremendous amount of diversity in travel today, making this an ideal option!

Camping offers so many choices of places to visit and attractions to see, unlike any other type of holiday. It really doesn’t matter what country you live in, I am sure there is some form of camping for you and your family to enjoy.

I would love to visit Australia, rent a camper and cruise the country at our leisure inexpensively!

As a matter of fact, this is a favorite among many tourists from all over the world. Flying to their chosen destination and renting a Recreational Vehicle for their holidays. For example, here in Canada we experience thousands of these types of travelers year after year in their Rental RV’s enjoying all parts of North America from coast to coast.

Enjoying our Class C Motor Home in British Columbia

Family Camping Vacations

Experience Camping at a Favorite Destination the Year

Getting tired of always having to pack your bags and travel from hotel to hotel each night on your vacation?  Worried about the cleanliness of those rooms everyday and having to pay those inflated room rates, especially during peak season periods? 😕

Then for a more relaxed, stress free, affordable way of travel, then you must try a family camping holiday.

Whether you camp out in a tent packed in the trunk of your car or pack up that beautiful motor home, it’s still a great and affordable way to travel!  Relax, travel at your own pace, where you can stop and smell the roses!  Take your time and enjoy quality time with your family.

A Great Way to Spend Quality Time Together

Beach Camping in Puerto Penasco Mexico

Puerto Penasco Camping

Whether you prefer rustic camping in the great outdoors or enjoy the comfort and luxuries of recreational vehicle parks, you can go whenever or wherever you so desire! Pack your bags and head out for a weekend or extended holiday. The places to visit and the sites to see abroad or in your own backyard, will keep you camping for years and years!

Go RVing formed in 1994 and now a leading coalition consisting of Recreational Vehicle manufacturers, parts suppliers, dealers and campgrounds, have stated, that since the 1980’s, a typical family RV vacation costs less than any other normal forms of holidays.

After having seven complete vacation costs analysis completed by an international travel and tourism research firm, Go RVing insists …

“Rving is still the leader in low cost family vacation travel!”

A Typical Rental RV in North America

Rental RV in North America

Renting is a Great Way to Start

Would you like to give camping at try but don’t want to go out and make a big recreational vehicle purchase?  If you are new to RVing and camping, you have many options available to help get you started.  Renting an RV is a great alternative and there are many reputable companies that rent on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

There are so many different types of RV’s to choose from, taking the time to select and purchase one that suits your plans and budget is important.  Start with a simple family outing on a weekend to the lake or a special event taking place close by.  Get a feel of what it’s like to experience camping any way you like.

Locally or abroad, renting a recreational vehicle is a great way to enjoy a holiday and experiencing camping for the first time! Check out my other article on Camping Tips for those of you heading out into the great outdoors for the first time!

Experience the Fun of Camping

Adventure Camping Trips

So Much to See and Do Camping

Camping gives you such a greater opportunity to explore, stay and see places that you normally would not if traveling by other means.  Why not plan something you would like to do as a family and get going!

Beware … once begin camping at some of your favorite places, it will be hard to travel any other way! Check out the GoRving website for helpful tips and suggestions on camping in general.  I have included a link below that will take you directly to their site for your convenience.

Check back soon!  I am going to write several articles and post our personal family photos on camping in America, because we truly enjoy camping in the great outdoors. I’ll be sharing with you some of our favorite places to visit and great attractions to see.  As well, I’ll be sharing with you some great campgrounds we’ve stayed at along the way.

From simple camping tips we have learned along the way to helpful suggestions while traveling on the road, all to make your camping holiday’s safe and fun!

Have a special camping destination?  Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

Safe Travels!

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