Family Camping 101 Tips To Get Started

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Helpful Family Camping 101 Tips To Get Started

Start Planning Your Family Camping Holiday

I love summer and if you’re anything like our family, we  love to pack up and head out into the great outdoors camping! If you haven’t experienced a camping vacation yet, then why not consider this type of holiday in the future?

It certainly does not have to be summer to enjoy camping!

Unless of course,  you live in Canada like we do, then summer certainly makes  camping a lot more appealing! As well, when winter hits … we Snowbirds simply flock to the south in our campers in search of warm sunny weather!

I received this email newsletter the other day from my local car dealership. It had an interesting article about camping and a few helpful tips worth passing on. The article offers some simple but important tips from being prepared for increment weather,  to simple things like … Not forgetting garbage bags! 🙁

Prepare a Travel List for Your Camping Adventure

Camping 101

Note these simple tips before embarking on your camping adventure.  As a new camping season unfolds, campgrounds around the country will quickly fill up with families getting away and enjoying the serenity of nature. Before you pack up and hit the road, here are a few tips to help make your
camping excursion fun and stress-free.

  • When packing for a camping trip, prepare for common hazards you might encounter on your trip from bad weather and ticks to poison ivy or rodents.
  • Check the local weather for your destination the day before you leave, so you can be prepared with appropriate clothing and shelter.
  • If you are hiking to your camping destination, it’s worthwhile to practice walking with a full pack so your body is ready for the extra work.
  • Bring plenty of garbage bags.  Not only will they be useful if there are no garbage disposal areas near where you set up camp, but they can also be used to keep items dry in a surprise rain shower.


Family Camping Trips


Regardless of your destination, there are a handful of items you should always bring along with you on family camping trips.

  • If anyone in your party has medical conditions  such as asthma or allergies, be sure to pack enough of the required medications. Experts recommend packing an extra couple days worth of medications, just in case something happens to keep you from returning home on time.
  • Do not forget the bug spray, poison ivy lotion and sunscreen. You may want to have a look at a natural bug repellent  for your family.
  • Be sure to pack a handy travel first aid kit.
  • Bring along a portable radio, a flashlight and extra batteries.
  • Socks – It might sound funny, but bringing an extra pair or two of socks could make all the difference. If it rains or you find yourself sloshing through a puddle, you will be happy you have clean, dry socks to change into.
  • Wild animal encounters are possible and sometimes likely depending on where you decide to camp. Know what to do around wild animals and how to guard your campsite against them.

Wild Animal Safeguards

black bear

The number one instruction regarding wild animals is …

Do Not Feed Them 

By feeding them, you are encouraging the animals to get used to finding food at campsites and they will return for more when they are hungry.

Secure your food  and keep it a safe distance from where you sleep. Animals have a strong sense of smell and the last thing you want is a curious, hungry creature raiding your tent for the last yummy Smore . Some areas of the country have specific rules regarding food storage and other wildlife related issues at campgrounds. If camping in a provincial or local park, be sure to check the management office or the park’s website for instructions.

If camping in more remote areas provincial wildlife officials can offer useful information.

Keep a safe distance from wild animals. Squirrels, chipmunks and other little critters might look cute, but they could be dangerous if they feel threatened. More important, if you see animals that are usually nocturnal, such as opossums or raccoons, out during the day, they might be sick and a ranger or other park official should be notified immediately.

In areas at high risk for wildfires, campfires may be restricted or prohibited. Be sure to check on conditions at your intended destination before you go, and read any notices posted where you are camping when you arrive. Don’t let something as simple as forgetting a raincoat or the bug spray ruin your camping adventure.

Article from The Honda Way Community E-Newsletter
May 9, 2011

Some handy camping tips to help safeguard you and your family, making for an exciting and enjoyable outing.

Family camping can be fun, safe and affordable for the whole family.  Here are a few helpful informative camping websites to get you on  your way…


Family Camping Holidays

Spend Quality Time Together Camping

Our family always prepare a travel list for our trips because with a family of four, there is sure to be something forgotten if relying on memory alone!  It’s time to turn the television off, get out of the house and go camping! Whether it is just for a weekend or an extended planned vacation, family camping holidays are a great way to spend some quality time together and enjoy the great outdoors.

Happy Camping!

Do you have any special tips for first time campers?

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“Believe it or not, a particular color Blue attracts mosquitoes most!”

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