Enjoy All Inclusive Buffets While On Vacation

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All Inclusive Buffets

You Can Enjoy All Inclusive Buffets on Holidays

You can enjoy those fabulous All Inclusive Buffets on Holidays without Gaining Weight!

If you and your family have experienced the wonderful buffets on Cruise Vacations and 5 star all – inclusive resorts, then you know how easy it is to gain weight while on vacation. It has been noted that the average person on a week vacation where all you can eat buffets are present, puts on an average of seven to ten pounds in just one week!

Well, there is a way to still enjoy these wonderful buffets and keep your waist line pretty much the way you started your holiday. After all, one of the main attractions to these types of vacations is to experience and enjoy the buffets. In fact, for many repeat cruise passengers choose a particular cruise line specifically for the high level and quality of dining options included in the cruise.

Here are a few tips from experts to help keep your buffet experience from becoming a calorie intake nightmare!

Five Buffet Healthy Eating Tips

Select a Seat Far From the Buffet

All Inclusive Dining

Experts suggest choosing a table as far as you can from the buffet and also try not to sit facing the buffet as well. Believe it or not, studies have shown that heavier people sit sixteen feet closer on average to the buffet than normal weight patrons.

Start Your Meal with a Salad

Enjoy All Inclusive Buffets

Try to begin with a plate full of salad and vegetables. Be sure to include broccoli, onions, radishes, peppers, olives and so forth. Go easy on the dressing and if possible use something light and healthy.

Drink a Glass of Water

Water at Dinner Table

After each course, try to relax for at least five minutes and drink a full glass of water. After your first course, go for a soup or small appetizer such as something cooked with vegetables.

Selecting Your Main Course

All Inclusive Buffet Dining

This is the most difficult selection to make because pretty much everything in all inclusive buffets is tempting! Experts suggest looking for something oven roasted or grilled. If you select chicken, try to remove the fatty skin before eating and be easy on the calorie rich sauces.

Leave Room for Dessert

All Inclusive Buffet Vacations

Perhaps the best part of these buffets is the fabulous dessert selections to choose from. This is perhaps the biggest challenge for many and the quickest way to put on those pounds during the whole course of the meal. Choose wisely, fresh fruit if possible, but do enjoy what they have to offer in small quantities. See, You Can Enjoy All Inclusive Buffets on your vacations and still stay healthy!

Of course, during your holiday, do try to get as much exercise as you can each day. This is not only healthy and good for you, it will allow you to indulge just a little more during meal times without adding those dreaded extra pounds while away on All Inclusive Vacations! Be sure to check out my previous post on how not to Self Destruct on All Inclusive Vacations!

Safe travels and Healthy Eating!

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