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For those following along on our Journey to the Mexico, this is our First Stop on our 1800 mile venture south in our Recreational Vehicle, with stops in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona and Mexico!

I am putting these posts together along with our personal photos and videos for your enjoyment, as well as providing some helpful travel tips and suggestions that may come in handy for you or other family members or friends in travels down the road.  If you are traveling by RV in the State of Washington and looking for a free and convenient overnight stop while en route to your destination, you may want to consider Camping World.  Camping World is a great recreational vehicle supply and service facility, with stores scattered throughout the United States.

To top it off, many stores do offer the convenience of free overnight parking, where you can wake up in the morning and do some shopping or have your RV serviced if necessary!

Safe and Convenient Parking

 Visit Camping World Tacoma Washington

For a couple of seasons now, we have used the Camping World store lot located in Tacoma Washington for this very reason. We can leave home in British Columbia Canada in the evening hours, avoid the border line ups and delays, traffic congestion and have a leisurely two and half hour drive south.  We wake up refreshed, no traffic to contend with and for those looking for Starbucks or McDonald’s in the morning, you will be happy to know, they are within easy walking distance away!


You must be a self contained Recreational Vehicle. This is a convenient overnight parking facility only for those wishing to have their RV’s serviced or shop at the store.

First Stop en Route to Mexico

Review of Camping World In Tacoma Washington

For those following along on our Journey to the Mexico, this is our first stop on our 1800 mile venture south, with many stops and attractions along the way while coming and going!  The first part of our trip is a quick drive south into Arizona for the NASCAR Races in Phoenix, Arizona.  This is an annual event in which we have taken in for many years now.

For those looking for this Camping World store, I have listed their website below as well as a map for your convenience.

The store is easy to find, located directly off Interstate 5 (I-5) for north and southbound vehicles. Located approximately 150 miles from the Canadian border, take exit 137 and the store is adjacent to the highway on the west side. There is a large illuminated sign for those traveling on the interstate to watch for.

Camping World


Tax Free Shopping at Camping World Oregon

For those looking to save even more, there is no sales tax in the State of Oregon, so we always stock up on RV supplies at the store located in Wilsonville.  Another great store with friendly and helpful staff!


Do not forget, if you are a member of the Good Sam Club, then you also receive exclusive club savings for everything in store and service!

Happy Camping!

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Did You Know …

“In 2016 Camping World Celebrated its 50th Anniversary.”