Experience British Columbia Ferry Travel

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British Columbia Ferry Travel

Enjoy British Columbia Ferry Travel This Season

If you and your family are planning to visit Canada’s west coast, then you simply must  Experience British Columbia Ferry Travel!  Taking a journey on one of the many routes BC Ferries has to offer is simply a ‘must do’ plan that definitely should not be missed.

The scenery on any one of the routes is nothing short of breathtaking!

Ferry travel on one of the world’s safest and largest fleets in the world, is an experience that must be included in your family holiday plans.  Check out this excellent amateur video I discovered on YouTube.  I was so impressed with the video I definitely felt it was worth sharing.  It even includes music from our very own Canadian singing sensation … Brian Adams.

The clip gives you a nice glimpse of what to expect when you take a ride on one of their many ships.

Enjoy …

Having grown up on the west coast of Vancouver Island in beautiful  Victoria BC and having taken the ferry more times than I possibly can remember, I am still amazed by the natural beauty when making the crossing from Victoria to Vancouver or return.

Our family travels have included visits to many beautiful places in the world over the years, but each time we experience a journey on one of these fine ships, the spectacular scenery still always ceases to amaze me!  The ferry crossing from Vancouver Island to the Mainland is a photographers dream. 😀

Spectacular Scenery Awaits You When You Enjoy British Columbia Ferry Travel

Beautiful Active Pass & Lighthouse

BC Ferry Travel

The BC Ferry service is operated by the Provincial Government in British Columbia.  They are presently the biggest passenger ferry service in North America.  The present fleet of ships is at 36 with many of the ships having been refurbished over the years. The present fleet serves 49 different locations surrounding the BC coast.

The most popular routes are from the mainland or Vancouver area to/from the cities of Victoria and Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.  This crossing take approximately 1 ½ hours each way, giving you just enough time to enjoy a meal  and take in the natural beauty.

Map showing Mainland to Island Ferry Routes

[mapsmarker layer=”3″]

Interactive Map … Click on the icon, zoom in & out, get directions, export and so much more!

All the passenger ferries are equipped to handle vehicle traffic large and small.  There are 2 beautiful ‘super ferries’ operating between these routes that are capable of handling 2100 passengers with crew members and 470 vehicles.

British Columbia Passenger Ferry

BC Ferries

I captured the above photo while riding on a Ferry traveling in the opposite direction. This photo was taken in Active Pass on part of the journey from Vancouver mainland and Vancouver Island heading to Victoria.  Active Pass is where you may be lucky enough to spot BC’s beautiful ‘Killer Whales’ feeding!

From semi transport trucks moving goods to and from the mainland to Recreational Vehicles, Passenger autos to bicycles, BC has made ferry travel easy for every one of all needs.

Walk On or Drive On These Amazing Vessels

You can walk on as a foot passenger, take a bus or ride in personal vehicle, it’s up to you. During peak times of the year (May – Sept) if you’re driving, making reservations is simple and highly recommended.  Things get very busy, especially during the peak summer months with tourists taking their Holidays in Canada and visiting the Islands on the west coast.

Many of the smaller ferries travel the many surrounding Gulf Islands and Discovery Islands on the west coast of Canada.  Each island is unique in its own way, just waiting for you to explore.

Camping, hiking, kayaking, bird watching, beach combing, it’s all here waiting for you and your family to enjoy.

One of the many pleasure craft sailing the surrounding islands

British Columbia Gulf Islands

Many times making the scenic crossing by ferry travel, we have seen killer whales just yards away from the ship, sea lions, seals and other amazing marine life. The ships are designed for tourist travel, with outdoor viewing decks surrounding the vessel and equipped with all the amenities you may need.

Buffet style restaurants, coffee shops, convenience stores, washrooms, private areas and much more. Ferry travel has never been so good on these ships.

British Columbia Ferry Travel Information

BC Ferries Logo

Check out the companies official website …

BC Ferries

for trip routes, schedules, prices, reservations and much more.  I have also included some handy website links that may be of assistance when planning and searching for more information on BC Ferry travel.

  • Fares … with convenient downloadable files

Something new for BC Ferries is they now have their own unique travel agency. Their office is conveniently located in downtown Vancouver, as well, I have included a link above that will take you directly to their interactive website.

Passing by the Many Beautiful Coastal Gulf Islands

BC Ferry Travel

The travel agencies experienced staff will assist in planning and booking your experiences and Holidays in British Columbia.  Why not consider visiting Vancouver Island this season and enjoying ferry travel on the west coast in Beautiful British Columbia!

tripadvisor reviews

Read more reviews on of BC Ferries

Safe travels and Happy Sailing!

Have you traveled on a BC Ferry?  If so, where did you travel to and how was your experience?

Your comments are always Gr8tly Appreciated! 🙂
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Did You Know …

“British Columbia Ferries is one of the biggest fleets in the world carrying over 20 million passengers and 8 million vehicles every year.”

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