Biggest Travel Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

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Biggest Travel MistakesA Look at Six Common Travel Mistakes & Ways to Avoid Them

Biggest Travel Mistakes # 1

Failing to Check the Date on Your Passport

travel documents

Yes, this is one of the most common mistakes people make when getting ready to go on vacation. They forget to check the expiry date on their passports, or on any other necessary documents such as a travel tourist visa. In most cases, your passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the period of your extended stay in the country you are visiting.

Unfortunately, this has happened to friends of ours in the past. They were all set to head out for a 2 week tropical vacation, only to discover when they arrived at the airport to check in, their passports had expired 3 months previously. What a horrible way to ruin a long awaited vacation!

* Check the expiry dates on all your necessary documents well in advance of your travel date.*


Biggest Travel Mistakes # 2

Not Purchasing Travel Insurance

travel insurance

I’ve said this time and time again, if you can afford to travel, you can afford travel insurance. Be sure to check out my previous articles here on travel insurance. They can be found at …

Cheapest Insurance Not Always Best and Travel Insurance Coverage Tips to learn the ins and outs of purchasing insurance for your protection.

travel vacation injury

Don’t ever think that nothing will ever happen to you or your family when traveling. It’s always when you least expect it, that something will happen. Years ago, I almost broke my neck wave boarding in the Dominican Republic. Without travel medical insurance and should I have been hospitalized, it could have cost me thousands of dollars a day out of my own pocket.

* In many countries, if you can’t prove you have insurance or the money to cover your bills, they won’t even admit you to hospital or even to receive medical treatment.


Biggest Travel Mistakes # 3

Overpacking or Packing Incorrectly

Overpacking For Vacation

I continue to be amazed by the amount people pack for a typical two week vacation! I’ve seen people check multiple bags along with carry-on for their vacation. The old saying goes among experts; “Only pack what you are sure to wear and then still remove half from your luggage.”

It’s ok to wear your travel wear more than once when traveling. Most hotels and destinations do offer clothes washing for your convenience. My son and I traveled throughout India and Vietnam recently and had no trouble getting our clothes washed wherever we were.

Why have to lug around heavy luggage when there’s no need to, especially when airlines have strict weight rules and extra charges for overweight and extra baggage!


Biggest Travel Mistakes # 4

Failing to Mix With Locals

Varanasi India Local

This is something that really puzzles me as well when traveling. Isn’t the whole travel experience to new exciting destinations around the world is to meet and mix with the locals and experience their culture? Don’t be afraid to approach locals and start a conversation, you’ll be amazed at what you can learn and discover by mixing with the local people.  

We’ve discovered over the years of travel, that it most cases, local people are eager to talk with foreigners and learn more about where you’re from!


Biggest Travel Mistakes # 5

Failing to Notify Credit Card / Debit Card Institutions

credit card theft

Not a huge problem any more, but if you’re going to be away for extended periods of time, it’s good practice to notify your financial institutions. You certainly don’t want your credit or debit cards blocked while away, especially when you’re trying to access cash from an ATM.

Recently, I was told by one credit card company and to my surprise, that it was no longer necessary to notify them. I guess unless there is some very unusual activity taking place with your card, then they won’t block them anymore.

Should they for some reason become blocked, you can always call their toll free customer service number found on the back of the cards.


Biggest Travel Mistakes # 6

Not Sampling the Local Cuisine

Hello Hong Kong Food Tour

This is one of the things I absolutely love when traveling to new destinations!  I love Food Walking Tours when traveling, getting a chance to learn and experience the local cuisine. Taking a guided food tour is the safest and most enjoyable way to sample some of the local dishes and at many of the most popular eating establishments attended by locals in the area.

Check out one of my recent walking food tours I enjoyed in Hong Kong and see why you shouldn’t miss out on one of the great things to do when traveling!  My recent post and photos can be found here at Hello Hong Kong Food Tours.

Below, have a look at the colorful infographic that was created on this subject. There are many more mistakes people make when traveling, but these are just a few tips and suggestions to keep in mind when planning your next vacation.

Common Travel MistakesInfographic Presented by Grand European Travel

I always tell my family members that if you remember your;

Passport, Bank Card, Cell Phone & Medical Insurance … You’re Good To Go!

Everything else is just a convenience! 🙂

In one final note and something I see all too often, are those people who travel to foreign destinations who do not respect the local culture and beliefs of the people whose country they are guests in. Always be respectful and adhere to their local customs and rules when traveling.  Don’t Be Rude!!

A great part of travel is too experience the local culture and customs. One should never make comparisons to that of home and expect everything to be just the same as at home. I often wonder why these people who compare, travel in the first place.

Safe travels!

Healthy Travel Lifestyle

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Live, Travel & Stay Healthy!

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