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Better World Books is a Great Online Bookstore

Are you in search of affordable books for travel or any other type of book for that matter? Well, I have discovered a wonderful online bookstore that I am  proud to list in my travel products pages!

I write about very few businesses but when I come across a business that contributes to society world wide, it is definitely worth talking about!

The company is known as …  Better World Books!

I have purchased books from this company personally and I truly believe they certainly deserve to be singled out as …

One of the Best Online Book Stores

Why you ask? Well, for starters Better World is not just a bookstore! First, check out this great video explaining just why this company is so successful.  View on …

These young entrepreneurs have not only become successful in the book selling business, but have raised the bar in funding literacy worldwide as well.  As the founders say,they are literally …

“Changing the World One Book at a Time!”

 Better World Books For Travel

Better World Contributes to Individual Literacy

What I like about this company is that every book purchase made, helps support literacy around the globe. My hats off to these fellows for developing a wonderful business plan, helping themselves, while helping others at the same time!  If you love reading as much as I do, especially about travel, then this is your one stop online book store for the best prices anywhere.

I am pleased to list this company in our family travel products pages.

Here is a brief history of this great company:

The business started in 2002 by three University friends who began selling textbooks online. Their business thrived yet these enterprising young entrepreneurs furthered their business with … 

” A mission to enhance literacy worldwide “

by gathering used books meant for the landfill and selling them. For every single book purchased online, the company contributes to individual literacy throughout the world.  These fellows envisioned a completely different business model than what we are accustomed to. By simply gathering books from a number of sources, generating revenue to support literacy and at the same time earning profits to grow their business.

For example, libraries with old books are taken, sold and part of the proceeds are given back to the library to purchase new books.

What a great idea and worthy cause at the same time!

Purchasing Books Here is Very Easy

The books I have ordered have been virtually brand new, delivered promptly with superb follow up customer service!  A good book is great to take along when you want to sit back and relax on those family camping holidays. What more could you ask for and at a great price as well!

As well, you now receive Free Worldwide Shipping!  

better world books dropbox

Better World Books supports book drives and collects used books and textbooks through a network of over 1,800 college campuses and partnerships with over 2,000 libraries nationwide.  To date, they have converted more than 53 million books into over $8.6 million in funding for literacy and education.

In doing this, they have successfully prevented more than 26,000 tons of books from ending up in the garbage!

So, if you are looking for great books at great prices and would like to contribute to a worthy cause at the same time, then do check this business out.  Truly a business dedicated to improve literacy around the world!

Here are a few user reviews  that I have gathered from the internet recently …

I’ve ordered from Better World Books a number of times, never a single problem with an item ordered, they have amazingly low prices.”

“This company provides excellent customer service and easy refund process if you’re not happy about the condition of the book – they refund the money, you keep the book. No hassle with returns.”

“I was amazed by the speed with which BWB answered my questions. I live in Australia and did not expect to have a virtually live email conversation with their friendly staff.”

“I always find a great selection of books.

The prices are competitive or better and the service is outstanding. The win-win thing is when you purchase through BWB you’re helping others. 110% satisfied.”

From great travel books, education, health and fitness to history, you are sure to find the book you are after!  Below is a handy link taking you directly to their website I have added for your convenience:

Safe Travels!

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Did You Know …

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