Collection of Best Travel Tips Edition 5

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Collection of Best Travel Tips Edition 5

My Collection of Best Travel Tips Edition 5

Almost daily, I read, hear and view on the internet, television and radio, some excellent travel tips and advice from some of the leading travel professionals in the industry.Β  I think for most of us who love to travel, we are always on the lookout for any helpful tips and suggestions others can offer to help save money, time, and stress associated with the joys of travel.

I thought it was time to share some of the more helpful tips I’ve learned from years of travel and recommendations from others to pass on to you, to help make your travel experience just a little easier!

This is my fifth edition, be sure to check out my previous editions as well!

Some Great Travel Tips from Seasoned Travelers

Shores of St Maarten in the Caribbean

St Maarten Shores

A Collection of Some Great Travel Tips

😎 Best Travel Tips Edition 5 – Collection 1 …

Flying Economy?Β  Pack your own food and snacks;

Always back up your documents. I scan and email then to me;

Picking a line in airport security?Β  See what agent is working quickly;

Check the popular airline seating chart websites before choosing your seat;

Store all important street addresses before travel.

😎 Best Travel Tips Edition 5 – Collection 2 …

Travel Health & Wellness

Always keep your handbag in front of you, especially in crowded tourist attractions;

Did you know the filthiest object in a hotel room is your TV remote?

Don’t lose site of your luggage when traveling by bus. many times they are taken on or off by mistake at some other stop;

Always put things into your trunk before you arrive at your destination, especially in tourist areas;

Get your neighbors to pick up your mail and newspapers for you when away to prevent break ins.

😎 Best Travel Tips Edition 5 – Collection 3 …

Alberni Pacific Steam Railway Engineers

Smartphones are the number one target for thieves in parts of the U.S.Β  Keep it Safe;

Don’t be an airport baggage carousel hog!Β  Stand back so others can reach their bags safely;

Check-in for your flight as early as possible to help prevent getting bumped on overbooked flights;

Don’t be afraid to say No to airport or hotel porters if you do not need assistance;

Keep kleenex and / or a roll of toilet paper handy when traveling, especially in foreign countries.

😎 Best Travel Tips Edition 5 – Collection 4 …

Bangkok Grand Palace

Grand Palace Bangkok

Temple etiquette:

Remove your shoes before entering (also remove hats and sunglasses).

Shoulders and knees should also be covered.

Never turn your back on the buddha – back away instead.

Don’t be afraid to speak with the monks if they approach you.

Never use your left hand to give a donation or shake hands.

😎 Best Travel Tips Edition 5 – Collection 5 …

Olympic Rings Whistler Mountain

Don’t throw your valuables in the bin when going through airport security. Put them in a coat pocket to prevent theft;

Be sure to read your travel insurance coverage carefully to know exactly what your are covered for;

Take a photo of your luggage in case it becomes lost in transit making it easier to recover;

Try to keep your voice down hotel hallways during the night and early in the morning, and please don’t slam your doors.Β  Be considerate of others;

Always leave your hotel contact information with family or friends in case of emergency.

Safe travels!

Healthy Travel Lifestyle

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