The Best Hiking Trails in Australia

Best Hiking Trails in Australia

Top 10 Beloved and Best Hiking Trails in Australia

A closer look at some of the Best Hiking in Australia. This country is the perfect setting for hiking enthusiasts.  There are beautiful landscapes and natural wonders pretty much anywhere you turn and most of the standard trails require more than one day to complete, but you can always cut them into shorter iterations or make it a backpacking holiday!

The Best Australian Hikes

The Tasmanian Trail

The Tasmanian Trail

This is a long distance trail that runs 460km from Devenport to Dover in Tasmania. It has 15 sections and each ends at a town or a campsite so these sections can be hiked separately. One takes about 2 to 3 days. This track passes right through national parks, reserves and state forests.

There are many scenic outlooks, including the Great Lakes region, Great Western Tiers, Arthurs Lake, Bronte Park, the Dervent River and the mighty Huon River where you can walk over a suspended bridge among the treetops and see the living world from the bird’s view.


Best Hiking Trails in Australia – The Great Ocean Walk

The Great Ocean Walk Australia

This trail is located 200 km from Melbourne, on the south-west coast. It is 104km long and stretches from Apollo Bay to The Twelve Apostles. This is probably one of the most beautiful trails in Australia as it runs along sandy beaches and high cliffs overlooking the ocean. There is plenty of wildlife to see along the way, including koalas, kangaroos, kookaburras and wombats. Accommodation ranges from basic campsites to modern lodges.

Don’t skip the Otways where you can see dinosaur fossils, shipwrecks and the lighthouse!


Best Hiking Trails in Australia – The Blue Mountains Trails

The Blue Mountains Trails

The Blue Mountains are just an hour and a half outside of Sydney and there is a wide variety of hiking tracks you can explore. Regular Blue Mountain tours should not miss the hike from Echo Point to Katoomba Falls which will let you see the spectacular Three Sisters rock formation. You can also walk along Rhododendron gardens and Blue Gum forest to see waterfalls.

There are many easy trails you can walk in a day.


Best Hiking Trails in Australia – Whitsunday Great Walk

Whitsunday Great Walk

This is another gorgeous hike running 30km through the subtropical national park on the Whitsunday Islands. It stretches from Brandy Creek through Convay State Forest and ends at Airlie beach. If you ever wanted to take a stroll through a tropical paradise, look no further.

You will see beautiful palms, tulip oaks, colorful butterflies and exotic birds.

Best Hiking Trails in Australia – Great North Walk

Great North Walk Australia

This trails covers 250km connecting two New South Wales’ largest cities: Sydney and Newcastle. Most of the trail was originally made and used by indigenous people so it is very old in some parts, and some paths have only been created recently. You can see many things along this path, from the oldest Anglican cathedral in Australia to the world’s widest steel-arch bridge.

There are many B&B’s and hotels along the way, so you can walk this trail in series or just sections of it.

Best Hiking Trails in Australia

Great North Walk: Aboriginal Heritage

Great North Walk Aboriginal Heritage

We have to give special attention to the Aboriginal Heritage part of the Great North Walk, which stretches 90km from Congewai to Staples Lookout. The highest peak of Mt. Warrawolong is the place where sacred Aboriginal ceremonies were held, and you can see some of the world’s oldest rock engravings there.

There are beautiful waterfalls and pristine nature along the way which transport you back to Dreamtime and connect you with the spirits of the ancients.


Best Hiking Trails in Australia – Kalbarri National Park

Kalbarri National Park

Kalbarri National Park covers an area of almost 200, 000 hectares along the Murchison River as it winds its way to the sea. There are very high limestone and sandstone cliffs, bush walks and look outs with picnic areas.

Kalbarri is famous for its spectacular flora most of which blooms from July into early summer.


Best Hiking Trails in Australia – Karijini National Park

Karijini National Park

This is Western Australia’s second largest national park and the hike is some 185km long. It is located almost 500km from Karratha. Karijini’s top sites are its famous gorges that turn into steep slopes, but these gorges are only for the brave ones.

You have to be well prepared and supplied. This is as wild as it gets in Australia.


Best Hiking Trails in Australia – Lane Pool Reserve

Lane Pool Reserve

This reserve is situated 100km south of Perth, in the Murray River Valley. It is small, just over 2km, and it is perfect for a relaxed weekend in the nature. There are forests and the valley, and the river with its small waterfalls, rapids and still pools.

You can see parrots and magpies, and wonderful wildflowers in spring.


Best Hiking Trails in Australia – Purnululu National Park

Purnululu National Park

The famous rocky domes of the Bungle Bungle Range located in Purnululu National Park are nowadays a world heritage site and have been the sacred lands of Aboriginal people for millennia. The domes and rocks change colour as the sun moves across the sky, giving the place an otherworldly look. It covers 47km and there are camping sites.

Wherever you choose to go, be sure you pick a trail that corresponds to your fitness level and endurance. Be prepared for high temperatures in the summer and low temperatures at night in some mountainous regions. Be sure to always carry a Travel First Aid Kit  with you and have fun!

This article was written by Kate Flannery, linguistics major by day, globetrotter by the rest of the day. She prefers adventure travel, backpacking, and sailing as a means of transport. This article was inspired by a weekend tour in the Blue Mountains she recently took.

Best Hiking Trails in Australia – Kata Tjuta – Walpa Gorge Walk

Walpa Gorge Walk Kata Tjuta Australia

As you can see, there’s some great hiking in Australia for people of all ages and levels of physical fitness.  As a matter of fact, my wife and I enjoyed a leisurely hike on our recent visit “Down Under.”  When touring the famous Ayers Rock in the Outback, we enjoyed a beautiful 2.6 kilometer hike at Kata Tjuta.  This easy trail is known as the Walpa Gorge Walk and is definitely worth taking in!

For more detailed information on this area, I have included an official website below for your convenience.

Safe travels!

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