Choosing The Best Airline Seats in Economy

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How To Select The Best Economy Airline Seats

Select The Best Airline Seats in Economy

Choosing The Best Airline Seats in Economy Class is Easy! Yes, you can select your airline seat well before your departure date.  I thought I would pass on a few airline travel tips regarding economy seat selection and finding that best possible seat  well before you leave.  Keep in mind though, most major airlines do charge an additional fee for this service, as with most everything else these days, but for those long – haul flights, the extra cost for a good seat may be well worth it! 😀

Sitting where you want and being comfortable in airline seats can make a huge difference in your overall flight experience.

Check out this quick video on airline seating by one of the leading travel experts in the industry. Some interesting tips for seat selection!

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If I’m flying economy class, which is the case the majority of the time,  and my flight is over 3 hours, I want to be sure I am sitting where I would like to be, and that I am going to be as comfortable as I possibly can.  I think most people would feel the same.  If you can select your airline seats without charge prior to your flight, that’s great, but it certainly is no guarantee that you will end up with those seats when you arrive at the airport and check in!  😥

Flights times do regularly change prior to departure and when this happens, your seats go as well! You may be stuck having to be re-assigned with new seats at the airport on the day of departure, and that could be very bad news.  Getting bumped to a new flight can result in choosing what’s left on that flight.

So be sure to check online or with the airline prior to leaving if you are fussy with seat assignments. Unless you purchased those Business Class or First Class seats up front that we all drool over, here are a few tips in helping you select better airline seats for your next flight.

Choose the Best Airline Seats for Longer Flights

Everyone has their own personal preference as to whether they prefer a seat located in the …




As well, some prefer their seat to be more forward, which I definitely prefer, in the middle or towards the rear of the aircraft. It really is based upon personal preference, but once you have made these choices, let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of each of the preferences above.

Selecting Airline Seats Right For You

Best Airline Seats

Best Airline Seating in Economy Class

Without a doubt, the most sought after seats in Economy are the Exit Row seats, but they do come with restrictions and with a higher extra surcharge with most major airlines. There are age restrictions and you must be prepared to assist with crew in the event of emergency with opening of the exit doors.

As there are no seats directly in front of you, tray tables are usually mounted in the armrests and some TV screens as well, making the armrests permanently fixed in their positions. Just a small inconvenience to put up with for that extra space in front of you!  We also discovered on a recent flight, that your seat may not recline and is fixed in the upright position.

Window seats are also preferred by many, because of easy viewing access outside. If you are planning on sleeping a fair bit, the window seat is nice, as you can rest your pillow against the wall next to you and you get the least amount of disruption.  Certainly these are nice features especially on longer and more scenic flights. The downside is, unless you are with family members, every time you wish to get up from your seat you always have to interrupt passengers seated next to you.

I always select an isle seat, as I like to get up and out of my seat to stretch on long haul flights quite often.  Be sure to check out my past article on Stretching During Air Travel.  It’s so important to get up, move around and stretch during long flights!

Select Your Seats Before Departure

 Best Economy Airline Seats

Each Aircraft Have Different Seat Configurations

Another often overlooked inconvenience and  worthy of sharing is that your leg room may be somewhat restricted on certain aircraft. Towards the floor of the plane, the walls often curve inward, reducing your feet space for window seating.

Best Economy Airline Seats

Isle seats are my favorite on any flight unlike my daughter pictured here, who prefers a window view seat. I like the open space next to me and the ease of getting in and out of my seat any time I wish.  Like other seats, they do come with inconveniences as well.  Such as, people bumping you as they walk down the aisle.  This happens particularly when you are having that quick nap and are just about to nod off! 😕

Also because of passengers and flight crew continually walking past you, expect disruptions throughout the flight.

The Middle Seat is Least Preferred

Middle Airplane Seats

You are basically the pig in the middle and there is no way out! Who gets those armrests on either side of you? Believe it or not, there is  airline etiquette which I have discussed in a previous post and somethings that may come as quite a surprise for many! 🙂

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when choosing a seat in economy class.  From legroom space, toilet and galley locations on the aircraft, to seat pitch, all are things to consider when reserving seats, especially if you are picky about where you sit. is an excellent resource and website dedicated to helping you find that perfect seat for your flight!

Detailed color coded airline seat maps with graphics, in-depth seat comments, lavatory locations and much more are within this site.

Seat Guru Detailed Airplane Seating

Seat Guru Map

There you have it, a few tips to help make your next flight in economy class just a little bit more bearable.  If you haven’t signed up for a credit card that offers air reward miles, then I highly suggest you do. We have enjoyed a number of Business Class flights over the years thanks to our credit card air miles. 🙂

Safe travels and be sure all of your travel documents are up to date and in order well before your departure date!

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“The most expensive airline ticket cost an amazing $123.000 in 2007.  Millionaire Julian Hayward was the first to purchase a seat on the Airbus A380 maiden flight between Singapore and Sydney .”

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