A Look At 10 Most Beautiful Places On Earth

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Bryce Canyon

A Look at 10 Most Beautiful Places On Earth

I am sure we all have our own places around the globe that we find the most beautiful. I received this request to post a readers special places that he considers the most beautiful.
I hope you enjoy what Ali has picked!

What is Beauty Without a Little Mystery?

It was so hard to pick the ten most beautiful places on earth from an angle that hadn’t yet been explored by countless other writers; I decided to give it a bit of a twist. Inspiration wasn’t hard to come by – Mulder’s left his mark on the world.

A lot of unexplained natural and man made mysteries are put down to alien intervention. Makes for a simple (but weird) explanation. Ancient Alien theorists believe that aliens visited earth thousands of years ago and were hailed as Gods. Their (supposedly) godly creations are viewed by historians and archaeologists today as marvels and mysteries of ancient civilizations.

Some of the most hauntingly beautiful spots on earth are thought to have been the work of little green men. Maybe they needed “space ports” or inter planetary vacation spots. Talk about faith in the power of the human mind!

Socotra Island

Beautiful Places on this Earth

Socotra Island

Mind blowing landscapes! If, by some fluke of nature or science, you go to sleep in your own bed and wake up on Socotra Island you’re bound to wonder which planet you’re on. This African Island is home to rare species of plants and animals found nowhere else on earth.

Sounds like an ideal “other-world” vacation spot for aliens looking for a home away from home.

Rio Tinto Spain

Rio Tinto – Spain

Looks beautiful, but its definitely not human-friendly! The extreme conditions of this Martian looking landscape are unique on Earth but not in the solar system! Scientists believe there are similarities with other locations in the solar system thought to contain liquid water (is there any other kind?).

Remnants of a weekend getaway?

Pyramids of Egypt

The only remaining 7th wonder of the ancient world, the pyramids at Giza are have a majestic beauty looked upon with reverence and wonderment by modern man.

There are various theories about how the pyramids were constructed. The position of a pyramid was determined by many factors, the most prominent of which is the positioning of stars, especially the constellations of Orion, Plough and Ursa Major.

Was this fascination with astronomy brought on by alien visitations? Maybe the Pharoah wanted to know where his strange dinner guests went for dessert!

Mount Roraima

Mount Roraima – Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana

The table top mountain is home to plant and animal species not found anywhere else on the planet and is considered to be one of the oldest geological formations on earth.

The mountain’s other claim to fame is the HUGE number of UFO sightings that occur on the plateau. Rising out of a mysterious jungle and surrounded by mists – could it be more other-worldly? Ample landing area for UFOs!

The Stonehenge

The Stonehenge – Wiltshire, England

Situated in a vast plain, this imposing structure is surrounded by an air of magic and mystery. The huge ring of stones adds its own beauty to the famous English landscape.

The concentric rings are (supposedly) related to the rising of the sun. Did the early Britons already have astronomical knowledge or did they have some help from up there? The truth is out there…

The Moai Easter Island

Located in the South Pacific, this isn’t the most easily accessible vacation destination – but isolation has its advantages. The island has managed to maintain a modicum of peace and privacy, not to mention the spectacular archaeological heritage remains safe. Not only will you be able to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and endless not-so-crowded beaches, you will also be able to view and ponder over the Moai – a series of gigantic stone statues which line the coastlines and are the island’s main attraction.

Each statue weighs about 14 tons, some even more and they are over 500 years old! Has to be the work of aliens, right?

McMurdo Dry Valleys

The McMurdo Dry Valleys – Antartica

This is the largest ice free zone in the otherwise icy continent. And you thought deserts were hot places! The spectacular terrain consists of glaciers, mountain ranges and ice covered lakes which are home to mysterious organisms. Scientists consider this valley to be the closest environment to Mars and a testing ground for possible extra-terrestrial life.

Hey, maybe Yeti is an ancient life form left behind years ago to terrorize earthlings and remind us that “we are not alone”.

Tiwanaku Bolivia

Tiwanaku, Bolivia

What better way to appreciate beauty than the place where the world was created? Tiwanaku is said to be the mother of American civilization and is a stunning example of Inca architecture and design.

Where do the aliens come in? Part of Tiwanaku is Pumapunku – megalithic stone structures that appear to have been cut and designed with machines. Ancient Incas were kind of short on machinery so they probably had help from extraterrestrials.

The Nazca Lines Peru

The Nazca Lines – Peru

200 miles south of Lima, this amazing phenomenon is found in the Nazca desert. Enjoy the amazing cuisines and colonial architecture of Lima while exploring the beautiful and mysterious desert.

Etched into a plateau, the mystifying lines and drawings are best viewed from a plane but there is an observatory as well. Since the Nazca people didn’t have aircraft back in 300 BC, the simplest explanation is that the aliens needed landing signs and runways.

Richat Structure – Sahara Desert, Mauritania

The Richat Structure – Sahara Desert, Mauritania

Author Biography:

Ali Jan Qadir is passionate about art, food and fitness. He loves to shares things he has learned by experience. He is a contributor for the best-mattress where he answers top memory foam mattress brand quiries.

Safe travels!

Where is the most beautiful place on earth you have been to?

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