Discover The Beautiful Beaches of Majorca

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Beautiful Beaches of Majorca

Finding a Peaceful Paradise in Majorca Spain

Majorca is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea and a very popular destination for tourists, particularly during the summer season for those seeking the Beautiful Beaches of Majorca, Spain!

For travelers looking for a party vibe with dancing on the beach and cocktails, the perfect vacation spots are easy to find. The frenetic rhythm of Palmanova Beach and Magaluf Beach,for example, are known to locals and travelers alike as the place to be for all party goers.  But for those who wish to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Marjorca’s popular party towns and beaches, finding the perfect spot to just lie down in the sand and bask in the sun can be a bit trickier.

Discovering some of the more beautiful Beaches of Marjorca!

A Look at Some Beautiful Beaches of Majorca Spain

Menorca and Majorca

Menorca and Majorca

For people who want a peaceful place to swim and play in the sand and are up to the prospect of “roughing it,” Cala Falco is a piece of heaven. Solitary and secluded, Cala Falco is mostly frequented by locals as it is quite difficult to find and get to. But once there, visitors expecting yet another overcrowded beach are in for a surprise.

Cala Falco Beach Majorca

Cala Falco Beach Majorca

Cala Falco is a Small Enclosed Bay with a Sandy Beach

Dotted with shady pine trees, the cliffs surrounding the Bay protect it from strong winds, keeping the water safe and calm. The beach boasts fine white sand, and the water is very clear and shallow, making it a perfect spot for families with small children.

Divers and snorkelers are in for a treat as well, as there’s the wreck of an old Greek ship just a kilometer and a half from the beach. There are no clubs, bars, or hotels in Cala Falco.  There’s just a restaurant or two that serve excellent food and a place that rents out sun umbrellas and lounge chairs.  Parking is plentiful here and there is a small charge for parking near the beach.

Cala Vinyes beach

Cala Vinyes beach

Northeast from Cala Falco is another beautiful and quiet beach.  Cala Vinyes is only a short distance away from Magaluf, but there is a world of difference.  Like Cala Falco, Cala Vinyes is quiet, secluded and pristine.  The water is flanked on both sides by small cliffs, and both pine and palm trees dot the landscape.

The water is shallow and there’s a playground behind the beach for kids.  Access to water parks and the like is easier, as it is only 2 kilometers away from bustling Magaluf.


The Beautiful Beaches of Majorca

Cala Falco is about six or seven kilometers away from the airport, while Cala Vinyes is five minutes away from Magaluf. It’s recommended to hire a car to drive to Cala Falco, as the last stretch of the way is a sandy dirt road which island taxi drivers may not be too pleased to have to traverse. The great thing about hiring a car instead of a taxi while on vacation in Mallorca is being able to get to and from several destinations in one day without any waiting.  Driving offers a lot of flexibility for you in Majorca.

Frequent stopovers are a must in Majorca, as there is always something interesting to see!

Whether it is a museum, castle, a church or just heading to the beach, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Mallorca Spain Airport

Mallorca Spain Airport

Taxi fares can add up and make your holiday much more expensive, so a hiring a car is always a great idea, especially if you want to explore the island. Since parking is plentiful and mostly free, renting a care in Majorca is less expensive and mostly hassle-free. Some car hire companies offer cars installed with satellite navigation systems, which come in handy when driving in an unfamiliar place. If traveling with small children, booster seats can be rented from the car hire companies themselves, reducing the amount of stress that parents regularly face during family holidays overseas.

There are a number of beautiful beaches in this part of Spain and much more for you and your family to enjoy when choosing to vacation in this part of the world!

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Safe travels!

Have you visited any beaches in Majorca? If so, what’s your favorite?

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