Don’t Miss Damnoensaduak Bangkok Floating Markets

Family Holidays to Thailand

Be Sure To Visit Bangkok Floating Markets

During our stay in Bangkok, we tried to see as many sites as possible.  With only a few days in the City, it was difficult to choose which places see of the many wonderful sites of Bangkok.  It got down to a matter of interest and then down to a vote among the four of us.

One such place and certainly worth the visit is to the Damnoensaduak Floating Market . One of the highlights of the trip was leaving the bus and stepping into a traditional  longboat and taking a ride down the canals to the floating market.  Here’s a short personal video of our riverboat adventure to give you an idea what the canals and way of life on the water is like for many Thai people.

Enjoy …

A fun and interesting ride offering a glimpse of authentic Thai living for those locals with homes on the canals banks. The Damnoensaduak Floating Market is the oldest and largest in this area and really is a must see for those wanting to experience a touch of Thailand’s true history and culture. Located about 1 ½ hours from the City, taking a half day tour to market was certainly a sight to see!

Below, are a few of our own photos taken of our tour to a floating market in Bangkok I thought you would enjoy seeing.

Damnoensaduak Bangkok Floating Markets

 Making our way from Bangkok to the Floating Market

Bangkok Thailand Highways

Main Entrance to Marketplace from Street

Bangkok Floating Markets

Typical River Canal Homes on Shoreline

Bangkok Thailand River Homes

Method of transportation for local residents

Thailand River Home Boat

Standard Longboat in the Canal

Thailand Longboat

A typical small business along the canal

Thailand Floating Market Village Store

Locals selling their wares at the Floating Market

Thailand Floating Markets

One of many boats cooking authentic Thai meals

Thailand Floating Market River Boats

Fresh Coconuts and Ice Cold Beer for sale on a Hot and Humid Morning

Thailand Floating Market River Boat Vendor

A Normal Snake of Thailand

Large Snake of Thailand

  Damnoensaduak Floating Market

The Damnoensaduak Bangkok Floating Markets Attraction

This was definitely a worthwhile half day trip that was affordable and perhaps the last of the true ‘Pioneer’ way of life of the local river people in Thailand.

Bangkok Floating Markets Travel Tips

Here are a few helpful tips if you and your family are considering a tour to a Floating Market in Bangkok;

1.  I recommend the half day early morning tour to the Floating Market. The drive is long, days are hot and humid and you are back to your hotel just after lunch.
2.  Bring along snacks, especially if you are not keen on authentic Thai food. There are restaurants at the market, but primarily the locals are cooking up true authentic Thai dishes.
3.  Do not forget your camera!
4.  It gets very crowded particularly at the ‘Damnoensaduak’ market, so expect a large amount of people in a small space at times.
5.  There is plenty of souvenir shopping as the market has become very commercial, but remember you are helping to support the locals in the area.
6.  Above all, relax, enjoy the experience and have fun!

Be sure to follow along, as we continue our Family Holidays to Thailand  and take you to the many attractions this area has to offer.  For more detailed information on Bangkok Floating Markets, I have provided a helpful website for your convenience.

Safe travels!

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Did You Know …

“For decades river life and business on longboats is typical in daily life for Thai people. Today, markets typically serve as tourist attractions and still support local river people.”