Avoid Hangovers On Vacation

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It is Possible to Avoid a Hangover

We all love a vacation, but none of us like that dreaded hangover from overindulging the night before! 😥 This especially so, for those of us taking those wonderful all inclusive vacationsYou know these types of vacations where all the alcohol beverages are included in your package deal and because of this, most of us tend to overdo it on more than one occasion!

For many, this can completely ruin a precious day or more, of the very few holidays we are lucky enough to have.

But is there really a way to avoid hangover blues?

It seems so!

Avoid Hangovers While Staying Healthy

For a number of years now, my family and I have been taking an amazing natural health supplement, that all to my surprise, seems to prevent hangovers as well!  This comes as an added bonus for those who like to occasionally indulge in alcohol, particularly while on holidays!

The supplement is called …

Max GXL SupplementsThe Glutathione Accelerator

Created by the company Max International, this all natural health supplement actually increases your Glutathione levels in the body at a cellular level.

Glutathione is the most widespread, powerful and natural multifunctional antioxidant that is in our bodies.  Unfortunately, our levels of glutathione start to diminish as early as age twenty and our levels decrease even further because of …

  • Age
  • Illness
  • Injury
  • Environmental toxins and much more

At Max International, leading worldwide recognized scientists have discovered a way to increase your glutathione levels in a natural and healthy way.  You can read much more about Glutathione by reading my recent article posted here called …  Glutathione for Healthy Travel

This health supplement has been endorsed by many athletes and celebrities over the years and its popularity continues to soar year after year.  Such celebrities and most recently have been …

  • Actor and athlete Chuck Norris and his wife Gena
  • Professional Golf Celebrity  Greg Norman
  • Professional Boxer Evander Holyfield

What I like best about this product is the natural and healthy ingredients the supplement is made with.  Such ingredients as …

  • I-Glutamine
  • Quercetin
  • Milk Thistle
  • Vitamin C

This, just to name a few.  I have included a complete list of ingredients for you to view and download at your convenience.  Just click on the link below and a new page will open for you.

Simple Ways to Prevent Hangover

healthy travel

Avoiding a hangover is easy if you simply do not drink.  In the real world though, most people do drink alcohol and especially so when enjoying a holiday! But what came as a complete surprise to me and to other family members and friends is that this product can actually prevent hangovers from occurring at all.

Again, this is not guaranteed by any means, but it has worked for me and many other family members and friends at one time or another, both at home and while away on vacation!  For myself, on a recent holiday in Hawaii, I attended a wonderful Hawaiian Luau where of course, drinks were included in the overall price.  So, not having to drive and enjoying my evening out on holiday, I decided to sample a bit of everything the bar had to offer! 😕

Now this is what worked for me on this particular night.  Prior to indulging in my beverages, I simply took 3 MaxGXL supplements.  Normally I take 3 in the morning and 3 after lunch as recommended. Instead, I waited until early evening for my last 3.

The next morning, I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed without the slightest hint of a hangover!

Now I did not just decide to do this on a whim. As I previously mentioned, my friends and family members who also take MaxGXL, told me that in fact, a number of them also found that they simply did not experience the usual hangover symptoms as previously experienced.  So, hearing this feedback, I had to try for myself.

I am happy to report, it worked for me as well!

All Inclusive Resort Cocktails

The Best Hangover Prevention

Now I am sure, like me, you have read about all the amazing discoveries for curing hangovers, but I was actually surprised that for many people, you can really prevent a hangover from occurring in the first place. Here is what I have learned, in a nutshell, what causes a hangover in the first place.

Acetaldehyde simply put, is an organic chemical compound and becomes toxic when alcohol is consumed.  Now without going into great detail, glutathione and one other compound in the liver work together to combat the toxins produced by alcohol consumption.

Sadly, the liver’s storage of glutathione runs out quite quickly when larger amounts of alcohol are consumed. This causes the acetaldehyde toxin to build up in the body as the liver try’s to manufacture more glutathione. Because the liver cannot keep up with the amount of alcohol consumed, the toxin remains in the body for longer periods of time. Thus, the symptoms of a hangover occur and depending on the severity of alcohol drank, the more severe the hangover will be!

Experts also say that symptoms for women can be worse than men, as they have less amounts of glutathione and the other compounds in their bodies than men, so the hangover symptoms can be much worse as a result.

all inclusive holidays

Replenish Low Levels of Glutathione

So in concluding this article and if you want to try a healthy, natural and safe way that may prevent hangover symptoms while away on vacation, then I would certainly recommend MaxGXL.  Sure, there are other liquid and pill form products in the market place, but none that match the benefits of this supplement at a cellular level.

Have fun on your vacation and stay healthy at the same time!

Travel Safe!

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