Take A Look At These Exciting Attractions In Adelaide

Attractions In Adelaide

A Few Very Popular Attractions in Adelaide Australia

On our recent visit to Australia for the first time, we were fortunate enough to include this beautiful city in our travel plans. I thought I would list a few Attractions in Adelaide that we enjoyed seeing during our short visit to this lovely city.

With a population towering over one million, this is Australia’s fifth largest city and is continuing to grow for good reason. Located approximately 700 miles east of Sydney, Adelaide was voted as Australia’s most liveable city and in 2014 Lonely Planet rated the city as one of the top ten must visit cities in the world!

The South Australian coastline is more than 3,800 kilometers long and with this, it has been touted as the primary seafood capital in the country. As well, its climate and surrounding soil make the region best in Australia for the production of grapes and wine, making this a wine lover’s paradise! What I particularly loved about this city and Sydney for that matter was the beautiful surrounding architecture with a mixture of old and new building together.

Adelaide is particularly well known for its colonial stone architecture which is simply beautiful!

Here are just a couple of attractions we enjoyed during our short stay that we highly recommend taking in during your visit to this wonderful city.

Attractions In Adelaide – Take a Stroll Downtown and Relax at Adelaide’s Parks

Linear Park Adelaide

With over 29 parks located in the city which take up half of the surrounding area, there is plenty of green space available to enjoy the great outdoors. Enjoy a stroll in Elder Park or take a lovely walk along the River Torrens in Linear Park.

Adelaide Botanical Gardens

All the parks are interconnected and within them you can enjoy the Adelaide Zoo and Botanic Gardens. We strolled along the river all the way to the cities University grounds. A great way to spend an afternoon! We got around easily taking the city tram transit system to various surrounding locations and you can enjoy free Wi-Fi while taking the ride!

Attractions in Adelaide – Visit the Beautiful Adelaide Zoo

Panda Bear - Adelaide Zoo

Sure to be a highlight particularly if traveling with children and something highly recommended is the Adelaide Zoo. We combined our afternoon in the park with a visit to the zoo. A perfect way to spend a sunny day! Learn more about the Adelaide Zoo on my recent post and check out some of my cool pictures and video.

A non – profit organization that prides itself on education and conservation, making it a very special zoo for any family member.

With over 1800 unique animals and hundreds of other birds and mammals, it is well worth the visit!

Attractions In Adelaide – Explore the Adelaide Central Market

Adelaide Central Market

This Market is major attraction in the city bringing in more than a million visitors each month and for good reason. A unique experience that is definitely a must do for everyone to experience during their stay. During our visit, it is definitely the place locals converge to purchase their fresh and homemade goods from a multitude of vendors.

Adelaide Central Market Vendors

A great place for visitors to buy homemade sandwiches, pastries, fruit and much more as we did! In fact, we stopped by the market in the morning and enjoyed a lovely picnic lunch from our purchases at Elder Park and the Zoo that afternoon. A great day!

Adelaide Central Market Meat Vendors

Enjoy the people as they gather in the surrounding cafés and make their purchases. The experience is like no other and one not to be missed. Here the many vendors offer fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables, meats, gourmet cheeses, fresh bakery items and so much more for you to purchase.

Adelaide Central Market Shops

If you are looking for fresh items to take back to your hotel room, then this is the place!

Attractions In Adelaide – Take the Tram to Glenelg

Glenelg Town Hall

Board the tram downtown and take a scenic half hour ride to the quaint village of Glenelg, which is located on the shores of Holdfast Bay. Browse the open square mall, have a bite to eat, go for a stroll on the beach or the paved walkway where you can marvel at the seaside homes both old and new.

Glenelg - Holdfast Bay

Visiting Glenelg is an easy and excellent way to escape downtown and visit one of the area’s most popular beaches. This is also where most marine attractions and sports exit from, including dolphin sailing tours, exciting rides on high powered jet-boats, scuba diving, fishing charters and much more!

Glenelg’s Beautiful Waterfront Homes

Glenelg Waterfront Homes

Waterfront Homes - Glenelg

Glenelg Australia Architecture

Attractions In Adelaide – Visit Rundle Street

Rundle Mall Shops Adelaide

Our hotel was located right downtown and easy walking distance to the manyAdelaide Arcade Building attractions, such as Rundle Street Mall. This is definitely a central gathering place for locals and visitors.

You can shop at the many outlets in this outdoor mall, enjoy live entertainment, dine, visit the surrounding pubs and stay at some of Adelaide’s oldest and most charming hotels.

During our visit when the Clipsal 500 Auto Race weekend was held, this area came alive in the evening hours!

If you accommodations are right downtown, then it’s hard to miss Rundle Street and the Mall. This is a great place to stroll around during the evening hours as we did during our stay.

There you have it, just a couple of things we enjoyed during our short visit in this great city. It is also a central point where the Ghan Luxury Train stops for passengers to board or exit as we did as part of our holiday plans. We boarded the train after sightseeing in and around Alice Springs and Ayers Rock.

I have included a link to Australia’s premier travel website for your convenience where you get additional travel information and much more on all of Australia.

Safe travels!

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