Experience Atlantis Submarines Waikiki Hawaii

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Atlantis Submarines Waikiki

Discover Atlantis Submarine Adventures in Waikiki Hawaii

A few ago while enjoying a fabulous vacation in Hawaii, we decided to take the Atlantis Submarines Waikiki Adventure ride.  Yes, you can take your entire family on a Real Submarine ride in a number of tropical settings around the world!  It’s one of those opportunities that really should not be missed and definitely a worthwhile experience for you and your family.

A Great Family Attraction in Waikiki Hawaii!

First, have a look at my short slide presentation. The slide show has some personal pictures of our personal Atlantis submarine ride. Our adventure took place in beautiful Waikiki Beach Oahu Hawaii.

Name that tune as you watch the slide show!  🙂 

View on …

A Brief History About Atlantis Subs

This amazing enterprise was established in 1985 by a gentleman named Dennis Hurd, who is the president of Atlantis Submarines International. The company’s main office is located in my neck of the woods … Vancouver BC, Canada.

The Company has expanded worldwide, now offering these amazing submarine rides in some of the most beautiful tropical destinations in the world!

Submarine Tour Dock in Oahu Hawaii

Atlantis Submarine Dock Waikiki

Such locations as …

Oahu Hawaii

Maui Hawaii

Cozumel Mexico



and more great places for underwater adventures!

I have included a helpful website below, offering more detailed information on the history, submarine specifications and much more for your convenience.

Atlantis Submarines

Atlantis Submarines Fleet is Larger than the Navy

At last count, the fleet has 12 amazing submarines and have carried over 12 million passengers worldwide.  These subs are made for comfort, with a length of over 65 feet and carrying 48 to 64 passengers in each vessel.


The subs are designed for passenger riding only and no, you can’t go on an underwater sea adventure in search of enemy naval destroyers!  You can, however, enjoy and view some spectacular sea life with your entire family, without even getting wet!

Enjoy Professionally Organized Submarine Tours

Atlantis Submarine Captain

I was very impressed with the complete professionalism and attention to safety displayed with the company. At all times, I felt completely safe and comfortable in the hands of the Atlantis submarine crew.

These are Coast Guard approved Real Submarines! 

Rest assured, your safety is their number one priority and it definitely shows!

Atlantis Premium Submarine Tour Waikiki

This is the company’s most popular Sub Tour in Waikiki.  Enjoy your comfortable ride in the  Atlantis XIV submarine.  This is the largest hi-tech passenger submarine in the world, that can carry 64 passengers!  Sit comfortably in a air-conditioned interior, while you descend beneath the sea while viewing the marine life and much more thru your large viewing ports. With the premium tour, guests receive a free Atlantis Souvenir Dive Log and special offers for the gift shop after your cruise.

 Atlantis Submarine Tours Require Children to be a Certain Height

There are a couple of restrictions that must be enforced regarding submarine rides with Atlantis, again due to their stringent safety standards.

They are …

It is necessary for every passenger to travel down a practically all vertical 7-step ladder to gain access in and out of the submarine. There is also a minimum height restriction of 36″ for children to take a ride with Atlantis.”

It sounds more difficult than what it really is. Getting in and out is not too hard at all if you just take your time and be careful for those people who may be in their senior years, or others will slight physical hardships. Helpful staff are also there to assist with getting on and off the submarine to the transport boats.

Atlantis Submarine Surfacing

Atlantis Submarine Oahu Hawaii

Descend Beneath the Sea with Atlantis Submarines Waikiki

Once seated inside your Atlantis submarine with your family and after listening to the captain and staff review safety regulations and procedures, the hatch closes and you are about to descend.  This is when you truly get the exciting feeling that you are actually taking a real submarine ride!

Boarding the Submarine

Atlantis Submarine Tour

It is an amazing feeling to watch the bubbles outside the windows as you make your way under the sea and get your first glimpse of sea life below the surface.  Almost as thrilling as our family NASCAR driving experience a few years back, where we got to drive and ride in a real race car at 165 mph!

As you travel deeper and the depth starts to climb, you can experience a slight sensation of floating. If you’re lucky, as we were, you might catch a peak at a few sea turtles along the way!  Something that is sure to excite most anyone, especially younger members in your party.

Experience Sea Life Galore on Your Ride

View Amazing Sea Life on Your Submarine Tour

Atlantis Submarine Tours

The company has erected man made reefs, sunken ships, airplanes and much more, adding to the scenic splendor of your journey.  As well, this attracts an abundant variety of sea life for your viewing pleasure.  As a certified scuba diver, taking an Atlantis submarine ride is as close to experiencing scuba diving as you can get.

The only difference is you get to enjoy this in warm, dry and comfortable environment.

Awesome Scenery to View

Atlantis Sub Tour Hawaii

Here are a few reviews I discovered reading about submarine rides with Atlantis on the internet …

“Fantastic experience of a lifetime”

“Viewing an awesome underwater landscape”

“I felt like Jacques Cousteau”

“Amazing Atlantis Submarine Experience, so worth it!”

“’Amazing under water ride’”

“A great way to view the depths if you are not a diver!”

There are literally pages and pages of accolades about how exciting these submarine rides really are.  Everyone was just in awe by this experience!

I strongly suggest you have a look at this adventure of a lifetime and try to fit this in your family holiday plans.  I have included two of the Atlantis submarine websites for you to check out and see what they have to offer and the locations where the submarine rides take place in the world.

A Variety of Submarine Tours Available

Many Destinations to Choose From

Atlantis Submarine Tour Brochure

If you and your family are planning a holiday to any of the destinations Atlantis operates, then  I strongly suggest you try to fit one of these tours into your holiday plans on your trip.  You definitely will not be disappointed!  As I understand, tours do book quickly, especially when cruise ships are in port, so don’t delay, make your reservation as quickly as possible!  Your family members will love you for it!

As the song in the video says …

“Just look at the world around you …  right here on the ocean floor.”

“While we devotin … full time to floatin … under the sea!”

Start planning your Atlantis submarine adventure with your family and experience a thrill of a lifetime!

Safe travels!

Have you taken a ride on an Atlantis Sub? If so, where were you and what did you like most? If you haven’t, would you like to ride in a real submarine?

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Did You Know …

“A submarine that is underwater can be seen from the air at depths up to 100 feet.”

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