A Few Helpful Atlanta Georgia Travel Tips

Atlanta Georgia Postcard

Write for Gr8 Travel TipsI have not had the pleasure of visiting this vibrant city other than its airport on a few occasions while in transit to another destination. The Capital of the State of Georgia and with the largest population of approximately 445,000, this city has much to offer visitors at any time of year.

For me, the first thing that comes to mind is catching a major league baseball game and eating some of the local Georgia favorite dishes.

Below, is a few helpful tips for those visiting Atlanta for the first time.

Tips for Travel to Atlanta Georgia

Taking a trip to Atlanta? Good choice!

Atlanta is so many cities packed in one ; it’s prepared to satisfy the pickiest gourmands, the most incorrigible history buffs, the habitual adventurist and even the certified shop-o-holics!  Atlanta is full of southern charm and sunny faces, there is never a dull moment in this bustling metropolis.

With a thriving restaurant scene, exciting concerts and an eclectic theater line-up, there will be plenty of activities to keep you awake and alive throughout the night in this dashing city. There are bunch of unique things to do in Atlanta like a tour of the media behemoth CNN where you can be a reporter for one day!

Or you can head to Bennett Street that will feed you with your daily dose of artsy and experimental with its array of antique shops and art deco vibe. The Martin Luther historic site is sure to evoke deep-seated sentiments and the gigantic panorama of the Battle of Atlanta at Cyclorama will definitely awaken the patriotic in you!

Atlanta evokes so many emotions in the visitor; it’s welcoming, warm and will leave a smile on your face each time you think about it!

Atlanta Georgia Skyline

A Look at Some Atlanta Georgia Travel Tips

A few things to remember before you visit Atlanta:

  1. Hotlanata is Not Just a Nickname!

Boy, can Atlanta make you sweat! Summers here are unforgiving, sweltering and keep reminding you that you are way down south! So, if you decide to visit during summers, pack appropriate clothes and drink gallons of water!

  1. Book your Hotel Room Way in Advance!

Atlanta is the preferred destination for many conventions that take place throughout the year, so you might find hotels fully booked if you do not plan in advance.

  1. Racism is so Passé!

Atlantans have long moved past their so called ‘racial biases’ and quite honestly, have little time to delve on such futile mentalities. Most people here are polite and accepting, so don’t fret about being treated as an outcast if you are from a different origin. Don’t believe the rumours or the isolated incidents that are common almost throughout America!

  1. Invest in an Atlanta City Pass

If you want to make most of your time in Atlanta and wish to visit its numerous attractions; invest in an Atlanta City Pass that will save you big bucks in admission fees.

Atlanta Georgia Travel Planning Tips

  1. Avoid the Rush, Visit in Winter

If you are still in the process of planning your trip, consider this: Winter hotel tariffs in Atlanta are almost 30% cheaper than those during rest of the year. Almost all attractions are open during winters too and additionally you don’t have to face the scalding heat of Atlanta summers!

  1. Buy Day Passes for Public Transport

Planning to use the public transport in this sprawling city? Go for a daily or weekly pass. Even though, MARTA is quite cheap, buying a daily or weekly pass will save you quite a lot of precious moolah. Day passes start at just $9 a day with weekly passes costing around $24.

  1. Save Yourself from Hypertension; Don’t Drive Here!

Atlanta Traffic

Traffic in Atlanta will drive you through the roof of your car; it’s noisy, chaotic and frankly, over the top messy! If you have a choice, avoid driving here and rely mostly on the public transport or you can even hitch hike as long as you are not on the wheel.

  1. Dread Downtown after Dusk!

Downtown gets quite deserted at night and has been known to have many panhandlers. So, avoid walking alone and stick to well-lit and crowded areas. The Ambassador Force of Downtown Atlanta is a group of individuals who patrol the streets and have direct access to police, and will be happy to escort you anywhere you need to go.

Also, if you need directions or information to virtually anywhere in the city, they will help you out.

Atlanta Georgia Travel Tips

  1. Feast on the Local Delicacies

A trip to Atlanta is incomplete without trying the delectable southern specialties of Grits and sweet tea. And how about some fluffy buttermilk biscuits to go with it? Sounds promising? It is! Head to Mary Mac’s Tea to experience heaven in your mouth!

10. Catch an Atlanta Braves Game

Atlanta Braves Baseball

Atlantans take their sports very seriously and if you visit during the months of April to September most of the dinner-table conversations will revolve around baseball games and the fate of the beloved Atlanta Braves team. Catch a game at Turner Field and be blown away by the patriotism of the crowd!

Safe travels!

Have you traveled to Atlanta, Georgia? If so, what attractions did you take in and what did you like best about the city?

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Did You Know …

“Georgia was named for King George II of England.”