A Selection of Alcatraz Island Prison Pictures

Tour of Alcatraz

A Collection of Alcatraz Island Prison Pictures

I thought I would share with you a selection of Alcatraz Island Prison Pictures taken on our last visit to this Amazing Attraction.  Our family thoroughly enjoyed the Alcatraz tour during our recent visit to San Francisco, California.  Taking the official Tour of Alcatraz is certainly one not to be missed when visiting this beautiful City!

Alcatraz is definitely the Most Popular Attraction in San Francisco.

As we made our way around the grounds taking the wonderfully prepared audio tour, my son began taking many pictures of our visit.  I thought you would enjoy seeing some of my favorite photographs taken while on the prison grounds.

First, take a look at this short but informative video on  Alcatraz Island Prison, its history and the tour itself.

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Alcatraz Pictures – A Step Back in Time

Loved this Old View Alcatraz Sign Post!

Old Alcatraz Sign Post

Below is a photograph of a San Francisco Street Car with Alcatraz Island looming in the distance. Two of San Francisco’s major attractions in the city. A ride on the street car is definitely a must!

Street Car & Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island Prison

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The picture below shows Building 64. This large building was the original residential apartments for staff and their families living and working on Alcatraz Island.

Building 64

Alcatraz Island Prison Pictures

The photograph below shows whats left of a staff residence building and the old Lighthouse Tower warning ships in the Bay of the Island.

Lighthouse Tower and Residence

Alcatraz Prison Photos

Alcatraz Island Prison – Prison Ruins

Strolling along the grounds and gazing at the Prison Ruins and listening to the audio tour, you begin to step back in time and imagine how life used to be at Alcatraz.  Hearing the voices of actual prison guards and prisoners, you really do begin to get a sense of life on the Island when it was once the most notorious prison in the United States.

Alcatraz Main Cell House

Alcatraz Prison Cellhouse

Typical Cell for One Inmate in Alcatraz Prison

Alcatraz Prison Cell

Alcatraz Island Main Administration Building

Alcatraz Prison Pictures

The Old Officers Club for Prison Staff

Alcatraz Island Prison Photos

Some final glimpses of Alcatraz Island Pictures

Alcatraz Prison

A Piece of American History – Alcatraz Island Prison

Alcatraz Island San Francisco

Be sure to include Alcatraz Island Prison Tour on your next visit to San Francisco. The view alone from the island across the Bay to the City is worth the trip.  The audio tour is exceptional and must be included in your tour.


Advance ticket reservations are a must, especially during the the summer vacation months!  I have added a website link to Alcatraz Cruises, your official source for cruise tickets to Alcatraz Island.

Safe travels!

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Did You Know …

“The last inmates of Alcatraz were removed from the prison on March 21, 1963 and was officially closed just a few months later.”