Tips On Airplane Travel Etiquette

Airplane Travel Etiquette

Plane Travel Etiquette – Try Not to Forget Your Manners

Are there really rules of etiquette while traveling in airplanes you ask?  The answer is … Yes!  There is airplane etiquette and rightly so.  So much so in fact, I thought it would make a great article to write about and I am sure many things mentioned will surprise most of you!

Not too long ago, I ran across an interesting article about simple rules of courtesy when flying and that plane travel does have some rules of etiquette in place that one should try to follow on every flight. Here is a sample of what I recently discovered.

It really just involves a little consideration of others and simple common courtesy.

First, take a look at this excellent video on 5 important rules of airplane etiquette. View on …

Below, I have made a list of these common courtesies to follow on airplanes, beginning with what I feel is most important.

Travel Etiquette

Certainly everyone has different ideas in regards to how they feel about certain rules and manners to follow, but here are a few of my personal thoughts on this subject after years and years of flying all over the world.  Hopefully some helpful guidelines to think about and perhaps use the next time you take a flight.

If we all would exercise a little etiquette while flying, I am sure it would make plane travel more enjoyable for everyone. :-D

Travel Tip # 1 … Common Courtesy Goes a Long Way

I feel this is perhaps the most important tip I can make regarding airplane etiquette and that is …


Being polite and respectful of others, especially in confined places is crucial!  Showing respect and gratitude for your flight crew especially, goes a long way.

Flight Attendant

These people work hard and put up with a great deal of disrespect during many flights.  Displaying some common courtesy will be greatly appreciated!  It just might just get you a little more attention and pampering, especially on those long haul flights.

All of us, I am quite sure, want to travel safely and comfortably.  Having a person on board that is demanding, obnoxious and rude can certainly cause a great deal of stress for most everyone on the plane.

So, mind your manners and try to be polite with everyone around you!

Travel Tip # 2 … Don’t Forget About Personal Hygiene

Second on my list plane etiquette considerations deals with …

Personal Hygiene

As we all know, traveling in an aluminum tube at 35,000 feet has us all confined in a small air restricted space.  On long haul flights, this has us sitting right next to others for many hours.  Try to make every effort to smell clean and be as odor free as you possibly can.

Travel HygieneHint

“If you can smell yourself, then those around you are taking in twice what you smell!”

I cannot think of anything more disgusting and inconsiderate, than sitting next to someone with horrific body odor and breath!  You know that Garlic Breath odor that just lingers on and on!! :cry:

A terrific way to begin your flight, having to be seated next to someone that smells bad!

Gag me with a spoon!!  I have certainly had to deal with this on more than one occasion and I am sure you have too.  Also, be aware of your feet and those smelly socks, especially if you have been in transit for quite some time. Escaping from bad odors on airplanes is next to impossible!

Airplane Travel MannersTravel Tip # 3 … Be Respectful of Thy Neighbor

Next on my list of manners is try to …

Respect Your Neighbors

Sitting next to a stranger, for most of us, can be awkward. I have always found it difficult to start a conversation with most.  I do try to be polite and say a quick hello and how are you.  In most cases, you can catch on quite quickly by the response you receive.

It is important to recognize that if the person does not wish to carry on or continue a conversation with you, to then leave them alone.

It really doesn’t take rocket science to tell if someone wants to be left alone.  For example, that person immediately stops any conversation with you or they start reading a book. They may have music headphones in their ears or may be working on their laptop computer.  These are obvious and pretty clear signs of …

“Leave me alone, thank you!”

Airplane Etiquette

Be respectful of your neighbors during the flight unless they say something or show a sign saying otherwise. This brings me to the topic of … Personal space.  On airplanes, the tiny bit of space you paid for is yours. The same goes for the person next to you. Try not to invade their territory.  If you move a leg into my space or an arm, I will give you an elbow when you are just about to nod off into dreamland!

Do your best and be mindful of keeping elbows, legs and other body parts in your zone and away from the person sitting next to you!


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2 Responses

  1. Vanny says:

    Having the person behind me grab my seat when they get up annoys the heck out of me, I think even more than a arm rest hog.

    On a recent flight, the lady behind me was filing her nails through the whole journey. I thought that was gross and completely inconsiderate. Does she not know the air is recycled?

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