Check Out This Amazing Airpano 3D Panorama Tour

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Airpano 3D Panorama Tour

Enjoy Spectacular Panoramic 3D Virtual Tours of the World

A friend of mine sent this to me the other day and I was so impressed with their website that I just had to share it with you as well.  The website is called Air Pano and I think it is just fantastic!

Enjoy Panoramas and 3D Tours of some of the Most Beautiful Places Around the World!

See it all in High Definition Quality that will simply amaze you!  AirPano is a non – commercial venture dedicated to high resolution 3D aerial panoramas around the globe.  The websites team is a collection of Russian photographers and panorama supporters.

Check out this short video about this unique creation.  Enjoy …

Select a Popular Destination or Attraction

AirPano Panorama Gallery

Pick out any interesting location around the world and just click on it.  A page will come up with a photograph and will begin to load the beautiful panoramic tour.  Choose from approximately 140 exciting virtual tours with new tours added weekly.  So be sure to bookmark this website and return often!

Here is the website link for your convenience …

Beautiful Photographs to View On An Airpano 3D Panorama Tour

Pyramids of Giza Egypt

When you select a favorite destination like your favorite San Francisco attraction. You will also be greeted with beautiful still photographs along with a detailed write up on your selection.  You can then select a High Resolution or Low Resolution 3D panorama view that will suit your computer best.

When you click to view the panorama display, allow the screen and music to load.  Be sure to turn your speakers on as they have selected music to match the destination you have chosen.  Another great treat adding to the whole experience!

As well, use your mouse or keyboard arrows to navigate the 360 degree panorama views.  The team have added [question marks] for you, when you move your mouse cursor over they will give you information on area attractions and much more in the picture.

Also, click on the little helicopters that will take you on a scenic ride to that attraction.

Bookmark Airpano and Return Often

AirPano Team Member

I could spend hours enjoying the fabulous scenery and music that whisks you away to your destination!  This is a one website you will definitely want to save and return again and again as I intend to do.

The team also has a Facebook page and Twitter account making it easy to keep up with their latest creations. Check out this amazing website and be sure to pass this on to your family and friends to enjoy as well.

Safe travels!

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