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Six Healthy Air Travel Tips to Consider

I recently came across an article the other day offering a few tips and advice on staying healthy when traveling by air. A few of them I certainly was aware of, but a couple of others did grab my attention and thought they were important enough to pass on to you.

In this post, I am going to cover 6 important tips for your air travel health, but there are many more to consider. First, check out this short but informative video offering a few other helpful travel tips.

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Tips For Your Air Travel Health

Air Travel Tips # 1

Bottled water

Even as Dr. McBarron pointed out in the video above, perhaps the most important thing you can do for your body both before, during and after a flight, is to hydrate yourself.  This means with … Water!

The cabin air in an aircraft is re-circulated air.  It is dry, stuffy and can dehydrate you quickly.  So it is especially important to drink water at least 8 ounces for every 30 minutes traveling if you possibly can. Besides keeping your body hydrated and healthy, there are other benefits associated with consuming plenty of water during your flight, which I will point out below.

Remember, alcohol and coffee work opposite to that of water.  Do not consider these options as an alternative to water at any time, whether flying or any other time.  Sure you can enjoy either one or both, but do not forget to hydrate with water if more so!

Air Travel Tips # 2

Air Travel Health Tips For Your Flight

The subject of water leads us to our health tip number two which is … Exercise!

Exercise is crucial, especially on those long-haul flights of 3 hours or more. You must get up and move around for a number of reasons.  If not, you may be subjecting yourself to some serious consequences as a result of staying motionless.

For example and those most serious is blood clots. These can be very serious and without getting into details, they occur as a result of poor circulation.  The moral of the story is to get up and move around periodically during your flight, to keep proper circulation and the prevention of blood clotting.  Now, if you drink lots of water, as you should, this will certainly bring on the need to use the cabin washroom. 

So, water and movement are two very important things to keep in mind during your flight!

Air Travel Tips # 3

Hand WashingThis next tip is certainly something that our family have become more aware of in the last few years, especially during travel.  This important tip can definitely help prevent unwanted sudden illness and other associated problems from developing while away.  The topic is … Sanitation! 

For last few years now, we always carry handy travel size hand sanitizer on our vacations and yes, airplanes are definitely filled with unsanitary places for you to contract an illness from. Such places as your; arm rests, fold down tables, information placards and even those self – adjusting overhead air vents. 

Just think of the number of people that come into contact with such items on a daily basis and many who do not wash their hands.  So wash your hands or use sanitizer often, especially before eating and keep your hands away from your mouth and eyes. 

One other worthy note is definitely Do Not Walk around the cabin without footwear, particularly into the lavatory!

Air Travel Tips # 4

healthy snacksBring along some healthy choice snacks to enjoy during your flight.  Today, most major airlines charge extra in Economy Class for any type of meal and in my experience, they are not very healthy! 

A great number of airport restaurants now offer healthy To–Go snack packs that you can bring onto the airplane.  A much better choice than what may be available on the flight.  We always bring healthy snacks with us such as granola bars, muffins, apples, peanuts and so forth.  

This way, when the hunger pains strike, you do not have to rely on unhealthy food choices.

Air Travel Tips # 5

Chewing Gum

This is something my wife always seems to pack and what I always forget and that is carrying Chewing Gum or Candies for the flight.  Sometimes I have difficulty clearing my ears and chewing a piece of gum during take – off seems really help in getting my ears cleared, particularly if I may be slightly congested.

For those with babies or very small children, be sure to carry along that bottle or pacifier and plan to use them either at difficult times such as take-off and landings. I do remember a time years ago, when flight attendants routinely passed around candies before take-off for those of us traveling in Economy Class.

Air Travel Tips # 6

medical alert bracelet

Last but definitely not least of the many tips one could suggest for a happy and healthy flight is something quite often overlooked and that is a Medical Identification Card or Bracelet.  This is when carrying this item is the most important, when you are traveling, especially if traveling abroad.

If you suffer from any chronic illness, serious allergies or any other note – worthy ailment, be sure to make your condition readily available for others to easily access.  Include contact numbers, medications and so forth.  It is also important to carry enough medication with you on the flight and to cover any extra delays or the possibility of lost luggage.

There you have it, just a few tips for overall air travel health for you and your family to consider the next time you take to the friendly skies! Be sure to check out one of my other recent posts on Airplane Travel Tips 😉

Safe travels!

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